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Nice to have found this site!  Our family is considering moving from South Florida (we're originally from NY) to NC in a couple of years, contingent on jobs.  I am utterly unfamiliar with the state, having been there only once and in the dead of night, from the airport to the in-laws home in Kernersville. 


I know this is a pretty broad or over-simplified question, but:  I understand NC is quite religious, but are there any areas that are at least less so?  I assume the towns close to universities would be, but I'm still unsure.  For example, I've heard that Wake Forest is socially liberal, but when I visited some WF websites, I noticed a rather lengthy list of churches!


I'm thinking Raleigh-Durham or thereabouts?  (We're not moving to the coast, nor to western NC.)  I'm a community college professor, so I'm looking at Piedmont, Wake Technical, Durham Tech, etc. 


Any information/advice would be greatly appreciated!


BTW, we'd be looking for three/four bedroom homes under 300k.


Thanks in advance,



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Can't say i can help you, i live in SC myself and religion is all over the place it is the bible belt afterall, the best thing you can do is probably live in the bigger cities like Asheville i believe, generally more democratic cities will have a higher ammount of atheist i think, found out there is actually a north carolina atheist group here on A/N http://www.atheistnexus.org/group/northcarolinaatheists someone there might know of a good town.
There are some in New Bern...
Look for a UU "church" and you will find some there.
go to "meetup.com" at the various cities and see if they have athiest, skeptic or rationalist meetup groups, and how many might belong. I'll bet you'll find groups in all the major cities.




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