It's time for all of us atheists to go home and forget about it.
Atheism is mathematically impossible, if you believe in the ........"Truth".
I honestly couldn't decide where to post this. If it was even remotely funny, it would have been easy, maybe I should have started a group: What in the hell is This":

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What is it with creationists' love of "irreducible complexity?" >.X

I went to the creation museum in Santee, CA. They had two lecturers from ICR there, one a immunologist, the other a geologist. The first guy presented on viruses and the immune system, but stuck to scientific fact, then just implanted theories as to why god did it. The second guy, though, preached and made up new theories to explain creationism. He heavily endorsed the ICR. Anyone with an ounce of knowledge of science and skepticism would know to distrust the ICR. .__.
This type of article is neither new nor remarkable. It's sad that we have to keep refuting this nonsense but that is our only option.
Yeah. But I would have thought that Pravda of all places would have come up with at least a more original take on the subject. I didn't expect to find a typical creationist rant there.




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