Now for some stand-up style insults:

Those days of theocracy free corporately funded games are gone in that qb's world. Is this football player secretly a serial killer? Creepy looks... past hidden DUI, forever indentured to the rich priest/org/pastor that runs your family every week (or day for that matter)?, had a few drunken violent run-in's during his teens? still no excuse for proselytizing viewers of a 'game', during a game no less... anti-social behavior biblically, numerically speaking; that's my 2000 cents. are those light absorbers there to throw off his rival team? I remember when he lost a couple weeks back though! LOL, dude was hitting his own head with his own fist, helmet on though. I realize no one is perfect in life, but ferfxskake mang! LAY OFF THE (crack) CRIES FOR BIBLICAL HELP! Stick to the pro-game playin' foo! I bet the tithe is waved for this hotshot qb!
ps, there's no real proof those colored wristbands' money goes to the charity said, nor will help you channel your chi. lol, sigh, petroleum industry sure profits from those bracelets! the only thing that guy and his followers may have going for themselves is exercise.

i had ta folks, the whole scene was so silly looking
ihad2. just like he had to for some strange reason.
just like; where someone or folks there felt compelled to translate meaning out of names and numbers for strong atheists like me that could care less about the verse and more about the decoy of it all from the actual game. Holy cheaters batman! what will we see next? An atheist symbol pushing qb? That'd be something!

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Oh I love the objectivity on this thread... (coughs)

"Not even Tebow can part the Crimson Tide"

Oh no? He's been there done that:

2008 SECCG:
Florida 31
Bama 20

And he's accomplished more in his 4 years that any Bama player ever has. He may be a bible thumper, but he's as genuine of a person as you will ever meet.

And Bama got their does of some Tebow:

Oh William, please tell me how you know that!
Cuz QBs can't run in the NFL unless you kill dogs.
And if Tebow proves you wrong? We know that he will probably end up with the Jags (yes somewhat outta pressure) and lets face it.. Garrard isnt exactly exemplary. When Gruden was let go from the Bucs.. he said he was going to spend alot of time doing what... studying the Spread. There are now probably more College teams who run some version or another of a Spread Offense. College teams are looking more and more for the "dual threat" QB.

That eventually has got to spread over into the NFL... the Pats have been playing some spread looks fairly successfully. Chargers, Dallas, Packers.. the Eagles.. they all have installed some spread looks into their offense. Probably all of the NFL teams have to a certain degree with a few exceptions. I dont see that coming to an end anytime soon..and those teams will be looking for someone who understands how it works.

And for those who say running QBs dont work in the NFL... tell that to Donovan McNabb.. and yes the idiot.. I mean Vick. Alex Smith.. was a spread QB in college... this past season.. he had one of the best of his pro-career.
But what would they say if...

shiiiiit, they'd shit themselves?
football, the American version, so corporate it's not funny
I enjoy Irish rules football more. I'm surely alone in that as an American...?

funny thing one could suggest
"his team was second to his god" so surely that's a breach in contract, hugh!? : P




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