With Remembrance day upon us and still so many wars happening around the planet, many fuelled by religion and intolerance, is there such a thing as a civilised war and how can it be avoided - http://youtu.be/qUxFCUu1V6E

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M J, that's a laudable opinion and I agree in general.  I like to see supporting examples from history or current events.  That makes it more than just an opinion.

For example, when Germany was fighting wars of aggression, murdering and taking over the countries around Germany in WWII - other countries had to fight defensive wars, and ultimately war of aggression into Germany to remove the regime which showed evidence only of the desire to conquer abuse and murder the people around them.  Ditto for Japan in the same era.  Japanese armies committed atrocities and genocide in the countries they invaded, including the rape of Nanking and takeover and subjugation of Manchuria.  Again, the only solution was to fully defeat the Japanese aggressors.  Following those defeats, in both cases, the winning side - the Allies - rebuild the economies of the occupied nations, in both cases to highly successful status, and left them to their own decisions.  So far they have not repeated their wars of aggressions.

In modern times, what of the Yugoslavian civil war, complete with internal genocide?  What is the responsibility of the community of nations?  Cambodia, with the self-genocide of millions?  Rwanda, with internal ethnic cleansing.  Currently, Somalia?  Is there a humanitarian calculation that serves the purposes of stopping the rampage?  Is it ethical for other countries to stand by and do nothing, since they are not under attack?

Currently, what are the wars, whether we name them "war" or use terms like "police action"?  There's the US in Afganistan, and the US in Iraq.  It could be argued that the war in  Afganistan has justification, since the Taliban bombings killed thousands of Americans.  But now....  is it justified?  Why are we still fighting it, almost silently?  And in Iraq?  Is anyone paying attention.

Here is where wars are currently fought, from wikipedia.  It took effort to find a list.  Most of my searches brought up "Star Wars".  Shows where people's interest lie, I guess. See the link to determine how they define "war" - or "Ongoing armed conflicts".




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