I have a friend with a Facebook profile who would like to delete their Facebook profile entirely, and have Facebook delete their email address from the Facebook databank..  As far as I know, the closest one can get to deletion is deactivation.  In that case, Facebook still retains your email address.

Does anyone know if it is possible to get one's email address deleted from the Facebook database? 

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Thanks. So I thought, but I was hoping with all the security breaches, they might have reconsidered.


No one knows how well these methods work. I don't have a Nelson "ha ha" .wav handy, but "ha ha" to all of you folks that use your real life personal details on sites like you're a cat on heat. Let it be a lesson to you all. There is no such thing as privacy anymore. Get used to it.
This deletes email addresses from Facebook, too?
I have it on second hand information that supposedly one's account will be deleted within 14 days of using this link to delete it. If one logs-in again within those 14 days, one can change one's mind.

Electromagnetic pulses. Detonate small nukes (10 kT, say) about 30 miles above each Facebook databank (don't forget mirrors), problem solved.

And you'll get warm thanks from other ex-Facebook users as a bonus.
Thanks Jaume! This is probably the One True Way to delete one's Facebook account.
"Impossible"? I doubt it. Not technically and probably not legally.

However, unless you are a computer genius and can hack their system,and/or filthy rich ,that's probaly how it is in any practical terms.

THAT is why don't use my real name or communicate directly with anyone I have not actually met.My Facebook account has one purpose;to share some of my photos, with family and friends.The instant there is any unpleasantness I shall limit access or remove all photos and abandon the account.
Be careful, the latest South Park episode reveals the dangers of deleting a profile!




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