"Solar power worldwide is growing faster than cellphones. In this video, Amory Lovins explains how since 2008, half the world's new electricity generating capacity has been renewable, and why the lower cost, lower risk, and scalable mass-production of modular technologies like wind turbines and solar panels is outcompeting central power stations in the world market."

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Amory Lovins addresses a Stanford University audience as the visiting MAP/MING Professor of Energy and Environment. 

Three alumni created The MAP/Ming Visiting Professorship on Energy and the Environment in recognition of the profound relationship between energy and environment, and between professor and students. 

"Jane Woodward of Mineral Acquisition Partners (MAP) joined with Mike Ming, BS '80 (Petroleum Engineering), MS '87 (Engineering), is a managing member of K. Stewart Energy Group and his wife Diane Ming, BS '81 (Chemical Engineering), is a program manager at TRW"

"energy and the environment will become even more firmly established at Stanford,"

~ Professor Jeff Koseff, senior associate dean in the School of Engineering 

Energy Efficiency 2 of 5 - Industry

Energy Efficiency 3 of 5 - Transportation

Energy Efficiency 4 of 5 - Implementation

Energy Efficiency 5 of 5 - Implications




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