Rep. Kevin Yoder (R.-KS) Goes Skinny Dipping in Sea of Galilee

I don't see why Rep. Eric Cantor is making such a big thing about the nude swim in the Sea of Galilee taken by Kansas Representative Kevin Yoder a year ago but only now coming to light. After all, the politicians went to Israel as a paid junket sponsored by the so-called Israeli Lobby. The purpose of the trip was labeled "a fact finding mission." Kevin just wanted to find out if he, too, like the Pale Galilean, could actually walk on water.

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Skumbag politician - what kind of "fact finding" was that! I bet the taxpayers paid for his trip too.

Ohh, for Christ's f(@%ing sake (every pun intended). Doesn't anyone ever go to a nudist beach anymore? No better way to swim than skinny dipping! That must have been J.C.'s problem. Poor bastard tried to plumb the depths of Galilee, but no matter how he tried, he only skimmed the surface. Must be Cantor's problem, also. No matter how how he tries to plumb the depths of human decency and understanding (especially when you're half in the bag, it's hot, and the water is inviting), he only skims the surface of human compassion.

I think Cantor is the most repulsive pol on the hill. I cannot stand to hear that whiney, adenoidal voice and I actually think that when the mohel chewed off the skin he got a little carried away and gobbled down the balls as well.  Only the mainlining of Israeli money would cause a Jew to become a Republican, and it was the neocons who got us into two unnecessary wars so that the deficit creeps like Cantor could blame Obama for all our ills.

I'm surprised they didn't claim they were baptizing each other in the sea that Jeebus walked on.  I pray (pun intended) that someone took pictures or even better a video.. Lets hear a hallelujah for these Holier thau thou Republican fundamentalist christian elitist assholes.

That's next John - its coming ..

Hallelujah Brother John. Preach it. I babitize yew in the name of Haysus Crisco and his 12 Prostates! All glory to Gawd-ah, and the Scary Ghost he rode in on.

Scary Ghost is right!

Or, as I prefer, the Holy Poltergeist.

It's amusing that the source of scandal is not abuse of public funds or a member of the legislative branch effectively making foreign policy (the purview of the executive branch), but beachfront nudity.  I could almost (well, almost) understand if this were a sex scandal... if the guy were caught with a prostitute or otherwise cheating on his wife.  But swimming without a bathing suit?

Actually, in a certain way from my youth, I do think this is unforgiveable. You're swimming nude in a tropical setting, with the moon overhead and plenty of libations, and you DON'T have sex? What the hell is wrong with you?!!

It's all right, folks.  He says he was on a christian pilgrimage.  That makes anything all right.


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