Jesus Christ returns on May 21, 2011. You'll definately want to mark this date on your calendar because, you know, if you're raptured, you don't want to leave a kettle on the boil or the bathtub water running. It might cause problems for those who are Left Behind.
Anyway, the folks who are blowing the trumpet and warning the people (Ezekiel 33:3) of the impending Day of Judgement are the owners of Family Radio, Inc, a Christian radio network with a nationwide audience. It's founder, Harold Camping, has precisely calculated the date of the Rapture using clues in the Bible.
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One of 40 billboards in 8 states warning of the impending Day of Judgement.

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I could swear that the Bible itself says that no one will be able to predict when it happens. So they ignore that and try to set it anyway. >.X They're not the first to predict the rapture, they won't be the last.

I should ask them to put me in their will if the rapture indeed occurs that day.
All Christians do is ignore all the things that it says in the bible. In the way, I really have a lot in common with them...

Heh.  To paraphrase a famous quote:

We all ignore parts of the bible that don't suit us... I just ignore more of it than you do.

imho n rant:
e-bible? if the end is fershir' than why not commit hari'kari?
maybe something to do w/distraction to the real issues in life/governments or lack of's...

whatever date is chosen believers will probably end up going to bed, happy?
or, no that would not be 'right', right? riiiiiight.

$ of billboards? covered by lobbyist I bet
What about the time zone differences?
According to this Schwarzneger movie I saw, it is apparently EST - N.Y., N.Y. and all. Maybe it is because that is where the U.N. is located. It makes sence, a little anyway.

I was raised a theist and in the seventies attended a sermon where the preacher prophecies with quite a bit of assurance that it should happen by 2010.

These people ought to be willing to sell their stuff for quite cheap, as supposedly, they believe they are not going to be around to use it next mo..
Good point.  If they really believed, wouldn't they be giving away all of their stuff to those of us unfortunate enough to be "left behind"?  Wouldn't they be quitting their jobs and not paying their bills, etc.?  I mean, why bother if you're not going to be around next month, right?
It will hit in that perfect week long window when my sister shows as two years older than me - score!
This is what I find so distasteful about xtians. They are always looking for a way to get out of their secular debt.

I don't even remember what the conversation was about, but in front of my long haired (can't cut it!), skirt wearing, pentecostal co-worker, my 13 year old daughter said, "When the rapture happens, can I have that car?"  Oh, I died laughing inside (I'm not 'out' yet at work-would not be good for my employment future) and have to say I was so proud of her! : D

Ain't this a kick in the rear end!  I've made reservations in Las Vegas starting May 22nd.  I'm not kidding!  I planned on drinking, gambling, looking at naked show girls, and being engaged in generalized debauchery.  Wine, women and song.  And, the real kick in the pants is that the airline and hotel reservations are non-refundable.  On top of that, I actually paid my taxes on April 15th.  Had I known, I would have filed for an extension and made the reservations a week earlier.  Guy can't get a break!
Actually, you're good to go in Vegas, debauch (if that is a verb) to your heart's content. Only xtians will be gone on May 21 as non-christians don't get raptured. So the world will be pretty damn awesome without the religious right and all of those pains in the ass in government, at least until it ends in October.




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