Jesus Christ returns on May 21, 2011. You'll definately want to mark this date on your calendar because, you know, if you're raptured, you don't want to leave a kettle on the boil or the bathtub water running. It might cause problems for those who are Left Behind.
Anyway, the folks who are blowing the trumpet and warning the people (Ezekiel 33:3) of the impending Day of Judgement are the owners of Family Radio, Inc, a Christian radio network with a nationwide audience. It's founder, Harold Camping, has precisely calculated the date of the Rapture using clues in the Bible.
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One of 40 billboards in 8 states warning of the impending Day of Judgement.

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I was invited to a sweet party that day. So at least I will spend my last day eating barbecue and tipsy and stoned and with attractive people.
I would pay good money to have that billboard permanently stay just the way it is. XD
yes, i can't wait to hear what sort of excuse and back peddling the xians will do on the morning after.
jesus is coming? can i still get front row seats?....... wait, where's he performing? if it's not in detroit, then forget it!
Jesus is NOT coming; he's just breathing hard.
And after breathing hard for two thousand years, he apparently suffers from the polar opposite of premature ejaculation.

I remember back in the early 70s that Mad magazine had a bunch of stickers in one of their super-special issues. One of them said "THE END OF THE WORLD IS COMING."


Then, in small type, it said "it's just late, like everything else!"


Wonder how these folks are going to be feeling when the day comes and goes and NOTHING HAPPENS!!!

Oh, they'll come up with the usual excuses.  The guy who made THIS pronouncement made another one, targeting a date in the 90's, as I recall.  Doubtless he had some excuse about "miscalculation" or whatever.  NOW he's saying that the date is GUARANTEED!

Oh, how I would give real money to be able to shove a mic in his mush on May 22nd and ask, "Sir, was this yet another miscalculation, as your last prediction was?"


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