It's been a number of years now, since the four horsemen sat around a table for discussion, and soon we will have to face the reality of Hitchens leaving. So my question is who should replace him at the table, and should the table be increased or changed in any other way?


For my part, I would like to see Hitchen's seat taken by someone from another continent and or another discipline  Ayaan Hirsi Ali, I think should be one person to invite. Other people have mentioned Salman Rushdie or Amartya Sen. Who else do you think could be a worthy being to take a seat at the table. 

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I think it should be someone who was a former fundamentalist from either the south or midwest. I'm actually quite serious. But I do like your idea of Ayaan Hirsi Ali.
Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a former fundamentalist. She would give it a little diversity. Rushdie is also appropriate.
meh. four is too small a number anyway... have a different symbol in my opinion... I would go for "Knights of the Round Table" - for a round-table discussion... all members are on an equal playing field and have equal say... 'Knights' not being gender-specific - It's the round table that matters anyway...

I don't think it should be limited to a certain number of people, but I'd like to see more videos like the "Four Horsemen" discussion.  I'd also like to see some similar discussions with theists and atheists together instead of the usual debate format.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Salman Rushdie.  The current 4 all come from a Western/Christian background.  Not to say that they were all Christian at one time in their lives.  Sam Harris was not.  However, he was raised in society where Christianity is the dominant religion.  A perspective from a different culture with a different dominant superstition would, I believe, add to the discourse.
I believe in weeding out the stupid, the ignorant, the lazy (mostly christians, but other slackers in rationality can be included) the originals will do:  War, Conquest, Famine, and Death.
Michael Shermer should receive some consideration (if we are limiting it to four). A former believer and a fine speaker/writer.
I think we should have another entirely new pantheon in addition to the four horsemen.
heh. Swami Manavatavadi, anyone?




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