It was this one:

Does everyone else get this crap from credulous family and friends? I sent this reponse today (I always reply to all when I get junk) and wanted to ask everyone here to critique my response. My goal is to open people's eyes, not convert them to atheism. I want to seed some skepticism, that's all.

My response to all:
Disclaimer: I'm upset at the people who create propaganda and have no respect for truth. They view lies as justifiable as long as they can get people riled up. In this case, they are trying to get honorable people like yourselves to subscribe to bigoted ideas by lying to you. I'm not upset at any of you.

1) This is full of lies: ,
2) It's a classic propaganda tactic, put forth a few bits that are true, then throw in some lies that people either want to be true or fear are true. It's the best way to convince someone a lie is truth.
3) You may have faith in your religion, but you don't need to have faith in every chain email that comes out. Seeking reliable evidence is a better way to pursue truth, my friends.
4) I'm sick of Christians claiming they are being 'persecuted' En masse as a group. Try being an atheist who gets messages like this from friends and family with the implication that I must be evil for not believing something as they do, while that message is full of fiction presented as if it were truth. I've had much worse than this forwarded to me. It's wonderful to feel like a second-class citizen.
5) I fully support your right to practice your own religion, regardless of what that might be. I don't think Islam should be given any special privileges...nor should Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Zoroastrianism, Jainism, or any other world religion. Maybe you do, maybe you don't. If you do, it's probably a sect of Christianity you are thinking of. Which one?

Sorry for the rant everyone. It's probably best you leave me off any chain emails, unless you want someone to research the accuracy of the claims made.

If so, please do.

I will reply to all as an FYI, for I value truth very highly. I won't barrage you with any more follow-up email. If you want to discuss something with me, please do but don't reply to all and drag everyone else through an entire back-and-forth conversation.


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My dad is still convinced that President Obama is going to take away everyone's gun rights because of chain letters like this.  ::facepalm::


Obama has been President for two years now.  If he was going to turn this into a Facist, Muslim, socialist nation with no guns, you'd think he'd have done it by now.


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