Republican Atheists is seeking correspondents to represent each state

Republican Atheists is a nationally and internationally recognized organization that is expanding. We currently have correspondents in ten states! We are still looking for more. General requirements are to be a registered Republican and identify as atheist. The position is completely voluntary and can be as involved as a person chooses - including strictly online, such as answering emails. For more information email info[at]

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Lauren, I’m a pragmatist and want a functioning conservative party.

To deal with the ever-present corruption, I want a national direct initiative and referendum.

If the state correspondents will present their views here, I will certainly read them.

Hm-mm, in four-plus months no one else has indicated support for a functioning conservative party or a national direct initiative and referendum.

Is Nexus the wrong place to seek support?

Was I born decades too early?

Both of the above?

Republican Atheists currently has 13 correspondents representing 12 states. They are not active on this forum. You can view the correspondents list here -

Email questions to info[at]

Thanks, Lauren, for your speedy reply.




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