Republican Hypocrisy Gets Put on Blast by Filmmaker Matthew Cooke

This man puts into words the thoughts and feelings I have about current political affairs. 

What are my options? Cry? Beg? Plead? Submit? Negotiate? Compromise? NO!


Will it cost us, each one of us, to stand up and speak out? Of course! That is what happens when we stand against tyranny, ignorance, and indifference!

The good news: we do not stand alone! It is a time of building coalitions, of seeking out like-minded people, and organizing. How? 

1. Define the problem

2. Identify the goal.

3. Gather resources of people, money, equipment, and time.

4. Develop an Action Plan. 

5. Put the plan into action.

6. Evaluate outcomes; are we doing things that work? If "Yes," continue; if "No," got back to step one and work the process until we can say "YES" with a resounding cheer!

7. Celebrate victory!

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Nice rant, but what it amounts to, other than enumerating the flaws and faults of the Republican party, I'm not really certain.  Joan, YOU are the one who laid out the action plan, not him.  He may have elucidated the problem in detail, But That's ALL He Did.

Rants aren't going to take the GOP out of power this fall. Action will.

Not crazy about the bit of religious language, but the basic values are spot on. Thanks, Joan.

Agreed! If the bit of religious language helps believers realize or reinforce their better values, that could be helpful, but it should not be (and isn't) the primary argument.

Defining the problem is the first step in solving it. Next comes clarifying goals, then exploring options, developing action plans including rallying support, creating a budget, setting timelines, lining up people to do specific tasks, and then put the plan into action, and observe to see if the plan works or not.  

Ruth, I doubt a white supremacist, nationalist, christian would, undoubtedly not hear my rant; perhaps such people will listen to this enumeration of the problems. Maybe not, but they should! 




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