Republican Party Platform - "they're all asking for it all the time"

ok, well that isn't the official platform, but it might as well be.  (quick aside, i love love love the Airplane movies - the 2nd may be better than the first!)  the Republican Party, or as I like to call them, the Grand Theocratic Party, has made official their stance that Abortion should be illegal in all cases, even in the event of rape or incest.

yesterday's hysteria over Rep. Todd Akin's remarks have couldn't have been timed better.  Republicans are outraged by his words, but in complete agreement on his policies.  Maddow did a great piece on this yesterday that is worth watching:

what is apparent is an underlying belief that rape victims are mostly liars.  either that or "they're asking for it, they're all asking for it all the time" as that Dad in Airplane II so artfully depicted.  this is deep seeded misogyny, and it is at the heart of the Republican base.  it's even on the Presidential ticket, as Mr. Romney's running mate holds identical policy views on abortion and rape as Rep. Akin. 

as Maddow points out, just 2 years ago this was a very fringe element in the Republican Party.  sure, some extremists held these views but were mostly unelectable (Sen. Rand Paul being the exception).  now it's part of the Official Party Platform.  extremism is the new norm for the GTP.  one can only hope that these socially unacceptable policies make them all unelectable in 2012. 

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Once again, hypocrisy is the sign and sigil of the Republican party.  In unison they decry Akin's statements, yet they embrace the policy and proposed legislation represented by those same statements.  Meantime, a party plank which has apparently been part of the GOP platform since 1976 is coming more and more to the foreground as a direct result of the Akin incident.  So we have yet one more step further to the right for a party which is so far to the right as things are as to be patently absurd (my favorite word these days!).

And if they succeed in criminalizing abortion in the US, do they truly suppose that abortion will cease to be here?  Per usual, it won't matter for those who support Romney and Ryan, those of means and money.  Those people will simply book their plane tickets to Canada when an unwanted pregnancy happens to them.  Even the US, there will be doctors who, confronted with this return to idiocy, will manage to provide such services as discreetly as possible, even as they did before Roe v Wade was an issue.  Oh, and the back alley?  I have little doubt but that those will reappear as well, along with their all-too-frequent tragic results.

Would it be too much to ask for some plucky news reporter to actually call attention to this hypocrisy in the presence of one of its practitioners?  Certainly, Rachel Maddow does a great job of dissecting this business on a television news set.  The problem is that it needs to be done up close and personal, and as yet, nothing suchlike has happened ... and the way that the news media is these days, I wonder if it will.

Do you suppose we could get Will McAvoy an interview with Romney or Ryan?  Oh, wait, he's a fictional character...

i think the press might do their jobs here.  i hope so at least.  Romney would get the McAvoy treatment if he went on any of the MSNBC shows, whether it's Lawrence O'Donnell, Ed Schultz, or Maddow.  but we know he won't go there.  he'll be on with Hannity and get softball questions lobbed at him one after the other. 

someone in the press needs to ask Ryan if he has indeed changed his mind as Romeny's press release yesterday seems to suggest.  with the hype of this story i can't imagine him not getting asked. 

As I said on Reason Being's blog, this needs to come up in a presidential debate, where Romney can't wiggle out of it, and particularly his disavowing the words of Todd Akin from one side of his mouth while promoting the criminalization of abortion with the other side.  Add that to Romney's previous pro-choice stance, and this whole business becomes that much more ridiculous ... and that much more deserving of attention.

And now, as if all the foregoing wasn't enough, Mitt Romney is calling on Todd Akin to drop out of his senate race, per CBS News.

Do you suppose the republicans are also going to drop that anti-choice plank from their platform?  Probably ... about the same time pigs fly!

I saw on the news a few minutes ago that a poll done after Akin's statement showed him still ahead of his opponent.  His numbers had not gone down any so I expect Republicans will say no more about the subject.  It is so sad that the conservative masses are supporting this.  What are we to do?

What are we to do?

Simple: KEEP THE HEAT ON!  If he wants to be an idiot, he can pay the price not just for being an idiot, but for being an Idiot On The Public Payroll!!!

I don’t see any reason he won’t win.  Millions of $$ will now be pumped into his campaign.  And when he gets elected, he will be welcomed with open arms into the Senate by his fellow Republicans, and probably be applauded.

I’m not encouraged when it comes to America’s future, or for the future of 99% of us.

Can anybody out there cheer me up?  Give me an encouraging word?

Wish I could Asa. Unfortunately, I can't. Same slippery slope the German people slid down in 1933.

Here's where I have hope - most people are sane but don't pay attention. I could have included myself in that camp until a few years ago. Perhaps these extreme views being exposed to the overall electorate will wake people up and get them paying attention and participating. If these clowns get crushed across the board in November they may be forced to go more mainstream. One can dream, right?

I agree, Asa. I am truly afraid and depressed.  I saw today where a Judge in Texas (required to be level headed and impartial) says if President Obama is reelected there is going to be an "uprising."  An uprising?  What is an uprising?  Militants?  Secession?  A judge suggesting these things?

sadly this is not an uncommon phenomenon.  i've written discussions here on A/N about the secessionists and the potential for violence.  any article on a conservative web site about Obama has lots of talk in the comments section about armed insurgence.  combine that with the drastic rise in militias since 2008 (up 770%!) and there's a real chance for something ugly to happen.  however, optimistically let's hope it's all bluster.  it normally is. 

Can't the Government charge him with treason?




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