Republican Party Platform - "they're all asking for it all the time"

ok, well that isn't the official platform, but it might as well be.  (quick aside, i love love love the Airplane movies - the 2nd may be better than the first!)  the Republican Party, or as I like to call them, the Grand Theocratic Party, has made official their stance that Abortion should be illegal in all cases, even in the event of rape or incest.

yesterday's hysteria over Rep. Todd Akin's remarks have couldn't have been timed better.  Republicans are outraged by his words, but in complete agreement on his policies.  Maddow did a great piece on this yesterday that is worth watching:

what is apparent is an underlying belief that rape victims are mostly liars.  either that or "they're asking for it, they're all asking for it all the time" as that Dad in Airplane II so artfully depicted.  this is deep seeded misogyny, and it is at the heart of the Republican base.  it's even on the Presidential ticket, as Mr. Romney's running mate holds identical policy views on abortion and rape as Rep. Akin. 

as Maddow points out, just 2 years ago this was a very fringe element in the Republican Party.  sure, some extremists held these views but were mostly unelectable (Sen. Rand Paul being the exception).  now it's part of the Official Party Platform.  extremism is the new norm for the GTP.  one can only hope that these socially unacceptable policies make them all unelectable in 2012. 

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no.  remember, the judge is only advocating violence IF the UN were to try to invade his town.

plus, if we locked up every Republican who believes some crazy conspiracy theory then we'd be left with a one party system!

In Texas!? (P)Rick Perry is more likely to give him a medal. After all, Perry called for secession himself, and I don't see him in the dock of a Court.

I think you're correct about the bluster of those who post their rants about secession and the President - including bluster by the one's threatening violence. I usually attribute that to some "internet tough guy" who sits in his single wide trailer watching John Wayne re-runs. What worries me are the ones that join the militia's, and the ones who don't put up the chest pounding, reproductive organ waiving, posts.

you know, the more i think about it, i'm not so scared about the militias.  i'm more scared FOR them.  i'd hate to think of slaughter of any group of Americans, and slaughter is what would likely happen.  hopefully we could avoid serious bloodshed, as that might just be enough for them to be considered martyrs for a much larger future uprising. 

here is an update on my pessimism from the 22nd of Aug:

Wow, did he really say this on fb? That virgin Mary thing is unbelievable. I love how he noticed that god may be a rapist!

I'm assuming so.

Friend of mine linked me to the image that's circulating between some sites/forums.

Honestly if it wasn't for his name being attached to that post I woulda thought that the guy was a troll. Go figure he sincerely wants to defend this position to the very end. Man oh man.

If this is for real (and I'm not for a second assuming that it is), then Akin's pants are currently flopped around where his shoelaces might be found.  Talking about god impregnating Mary like it really happened?  I mean, Good Night, Irene!!!

I just went to his page and I see no sign of this convo at all.

how can you tell?  there are thousands of comments to sort through.  i don't have it in me. 

Maybe I am looking at the wrong page but, I do not see any of comments in the month of August.  Just campaign updates and reposts.



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