Republican Party Platform - "they're all asking for it all the time"

ok, well that isn't the official platform, but it might as well be.  (quick aside, i love love love the Airplane movies - the 2nd may be better than the first!)  the Republican Party, or as I like to call them, the Grand Theocratic Party, has made official their stance that Abortion should be illegal in all cases, even in the event of rape or incest.

yesterday's hysteria over Rep. Todd Akin's remarks have couldn't have been timed better.  Republicans are outraged by his words, but in complete agreement on his policies.  Maddow did a great piece on this yesterday that is worth watching:

what is apparent is an underlying belief that rape victims are mostly liars.  either that or "they're asking for it, they're all asking for it all the time" as that Dad in Airplane II so artfully depicted.  this is deep seeded misogyny, and it is at the heart of the Republican base.  it's even on the Presidential ticket, as Mr. Romney's running mate holds identical policy views on abortion and rape as Rep. Akin. 

as Maddow points out, just 2 years ago this was a very fringe element in the Republican Party.  sure, some extremists held these views but were mostly unelectable (Sen. Rand Paul being the exception).  now it's part of the Official Party Platform.  extremism is the new norm for the GTP.  one can only hope that these socially unacceptable policies make them all unelectable in 2012. 

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It is very true that this Republican Reich-wing phenomenon is starkly reminiscent of the early days of the Nazi party. Hitler was elected, and part of it was to "clean up" society, and make Germany a strong nation again. Nazi uniforms had the phrase "Gott Mit Uns" (God is with us) on their belt buckles. Hitler's writings are those of a very religious man. Note that the atheists were hauled away along with the heretics, intellectuals, and union supporters.

Paul Ryan is on the House Science Committee - and his degree is in theology, and he went from there straight into national politics. In fact, he considered national politics his mission from God, to turn the US back to God. This hardly qualifies him as an expert on science, so it seems.

This could well turn into another frightening "nation gone mad" scenario that Germany was in. Hopefully, the American public has the ability to stand up and say "enough" to these people, and stop them from turning the US into a theocracy. Or, with the wars on science, and the creation science that gets taught, combined with the Texas GOP declaring that teaching of critical thinking undermines parental authority, they may not have anyone willing to stand up and vote for something else, or even question it, if it goes on much longer. Except, of course, for us intellectuals and senile old foagies who were taught the rights and responsibilities of citizens in a representative democracy - and those of us who cannot see "God" mentioned anywhere in the Constitution. There are prohibitions on State religions, religious tests for office, state sponsored churches, and all that - originally suggested by a Baptist minister!

who said cults could not be corporations? hrmmm?



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