How will you feel about the results of the November elections? What do you think the results will be?

Virtually all the news I come across predict giant losses for Democrats.
As a person who believes things based on evidence, I have few reasons to predict a different future. Why are Democrats only speaking up for themselves now, two weeks from the day? As Cenk Uygur once said, they are terrible at the game of politics.

I think the American people will rightfully deserve what it gets in November. If the people want to remain backwards, then let's keep the status quo. Let's keep neglecting our schools and hospitals, and keep scratching our heads when other nations are shooting past us on student test scores and health care. Let's keep giving generous leniencies to the rich.
Sure, the Democrats have major problems delivering "Change", but I don't want to give the Greater Evil an advantage by not voting. I'm going to vote, and I'll be waiting to see if most fellow Americans are as decently sane.

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I'll vote too, but I think most of American has been so disillusioned by the political process and so apathetic in general that the voter turnout will be far short of what it should be to save the democrat majority.

Yes, the American people just might get what they deserve, but they are taking those of that do care down with them. I'm thinking about jumping ship and swimming to a slightly more sane Canada.
Well, since I'm contracted to the Army Reserves for 5 more years, I'd go down with the ship. Save me Larry! I shudder at the thought of a Republican president in 2012 @_@
What country is Palin going to go to war with next? Canadia?
Dont worry about Mrs. Palin going to war against Canadia. She would have to locate it first.
That and Russia are the two counties she CAN locate.
I vote by mail, and I sent my ballot in last Friday. It aggravates me that in California the mail-in ballots are counted after all the "live" voters are counted; something wrong with that, I think.

Oregon votes by mail only, and I think they have a higher rate of returns than other states. No sane person wants to drive around looking for a parking place, stand in line waiting to sign in, try to figure out all the judicial candidates that nobody has ever heard of, AND 10 or 20 ballot propositions that are worded so strangely that you need a law degree to figure out what they mean.

I think more people would be inclined to vote if they could mark their ballots at home, and mail them in. So it costs 44 what? And I think the machines that do the counting would be much more difficult to hack since they aren't connected to the net.

Anyway...If either Mug Wite-Out or Cow Flop Farina get elected in this state, I will seriously consider taking an overdose of my meds. The GOPhers have definitely lost their collective minds, and that rumble you hear is Barry Goldwater....spinning...spinning...spinning.
If the Demoscrats lose a significant number of seats, that's their doing for being such weenies. I am Democrat and feel that Republican politics will ruin democracy, but I can't help being disillusioned by the Democrats by squandering an amazing turnaround this past 2 years. They have deservedly earned contempt. I don't know what to do or think.

The American people deserve the politicians that they elect. Only problem for me is I am an American person and I don't think I deserve who the American people elect. That makes me.... conflicted.
Take off, nuke the site from orbit.... it's the only way to be sure.




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