Republican theocrats set to take senate and start shoving bibles and dogma down our throats

call all your friends and tell them to give to dems fast before it's too late.

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I'm giving every day to those who can beat back the theocrats, even if it hurts.

In my opinion, the republican theocrats have reached their peak and a whole bunch of people, religious and non will begin to stand up for what is sensible and decent. I can put away my mental electric prod that I have been using for the past year trying to get people to understand what is happening. Well, now we know! and we don't like it. 

Give time, effort, energy, thought, and money to oppose these theocrats! 

When I thought I knew, I really didn't. I used to think Democrats would overcome Republicans and everything would be fine. Well, the Democrats really aren't much better than Republicans. All politicans do as little as possible to keep us happy so the moneyed interests can fill their pockets. 

I won't give to the Democratic party anymore. I asked them to stop calling. I told them when they actually start fighting for all the things their talking heads carp on about, then and only then will I give them money. For the past decade, they have been saying, "If only we had more money, then we could give people change." I call bullshit. Effect what change you can now, Dems. That's why we elected you. The truth is Dems don't want change any more than Republicans and Republicans, despite their right-wing bluster, will probably keep things much the same as they are now, as did the Dems: money for a tiny fraction and none for the rest of us. In other words, no matter whom we "elect" we'll be unhappy with the result. Elections are laughable:  just another circle jerk. If we continue to play this fixed game, we will continue to have horrible results.

US Is an Oligarchy Not a Democracy, says Scientific Study

So, instead of giving to corrupt organizations like the Democratic Party, I'm trying something different. After so many years of having my hopes dashed, I don't have much hope for this idea, either, but at least it's something different:


This is a desperate attempt to get money out of politics by passing an amendment via Article V, skirting Washington, D.C. altogether. If two thirds of all states pass this amendment, we would be legally obligated to throw out every single bum in D.C. So far, California and Vermont are on board. More will follow. I think there's a chance this thing will pass.

BUT...I don't know what will happen if it does pass. Those money grubbers at the capitol aren't going anywhere just because some inconvenient law tells them to hit the road. How are we going to get all those rich, obnoxious SOBs to give up a good thing? I know the illusion of a democracy is a big reason why nothing has been done up to this point. Maybe if the amendment is passed it will, indeed, force change, either through law or through the shitstorm that will happen if the bums don't GTFO. Then there's the more likely scenario where we all roll over, wag our tails and offer our throats to the plutocrats. 

By all means, vote if you must, but be prepared for more of the same no matter which party wins. If you like the idea of WOLF PAC , give that a go along with / instead of what you're doing now.

I went with "instead of" because I doubt there are are more than a handful of politicians in D.C. who actually give a crap about the citizenry. And Reps and Dems really are the same side of a single coin and that coin (and 99% of the rest of the coins) go into the pockets of the people who really are in charge. Politicians make a big show of talking about issues, but neither side actually plans to implement change. 

Eric Stone: I tried opening the link on your OP, but it only opened my gmail inbox and I never read my gmail. XD Even if there were a billion horror stories about what the Republicans intend to do, I don't think it would change my mind. The Republicans are a disaster when they're in charge. The Dems stick their thumbs up their asses and refuse to clean up the messes the Republicans make. Neither will make the kinds of changes we need and if we keep voting out of fear, it will make things even easier for those who own our government. That's why they keep feeding us those "if the Republicans win" and "If the Democrats win" worst-case-scenarios. They want both sides too afraid to figure out that the game is rigged. Nobody seems to notice. Nobody seems to care. 

Hats off to George Carlin who figured it out before most of the rest of us did.




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