Republicans are playing hardball; Democrats are playing softball.

As Valerie Jarrett said on MSNBC a few minutes ago, if Obama had done what Trump has done a Republican House would have impeached him ”in a nanosecond.”

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Mitch McConnell, responding to a reporter’s question, just said that if a SCOTUS justice dies during the 2020 election, the Senate will confirm a successor. He’s playing hardball.

Of course, McConnell plays hardball Why would we expect anything else from the person of his character as he is?

That means Progressives will rise up to the challenge or the u.s. fails to live up to the vision of the Founding Fathers and Mothers who wanted to escape the feudalism of serfdom and religious superstition. If Progressives fail we have some dreadful days ahead of us. Are we victims? Are we weak? Are we losers?

I think not! Progressives have the stuff that comes from strength!

I agree with Valerie Jarrett. When the Dems have 23 people running for the 2020 election for POTUS I think they see some problems here. Traditionally all this is going to do is help Trump be re-elected. Republicans are playing hardball but many in our nation do not feel they are playing with a full deck. Rather than problems being solved we find that so many more are being created.




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