PHOENIX     (AP) -- The Arizona Legislature has approved an anti-abortion bill that includes generally banning abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

The House's vote of 37-22 on Tuesday sends the bill to Gov. Jan Brewer, a Republican who has signed previous anti-abortion legislation.

Besides the 20-week ban, the bill's other requirements include mandating that the state establish a web site with images of fetuses at various stages of development for women to view.

The 20-week abortion ban would affect only a tiny percentage of abortions performed in Arizona.

The state would join six other states that have similar bans. Nebraska enacted its in 2010 and five others followed in 2011.

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"Any woman who would vote Republican in this election is voting against her own interests …PERIOD."

What baffles me is that some of the most vociferous voices in favor of restrictions on reproductive rights, of theocratic domination of social discourse, of "traditionalism" and so forth, are female.  I have yet to see evidence of shift along gender lines between left-leaning and right-leaning, democrat-leaning and republican-leaning.  Women favoring the new relapse into Puritanism are not shrill outliers.  On the contrary, they are as entranced by these doctrines, as are men - if not more so.

On the bright side, I doubt that it would take 100 years to make substantive shift in America towards a secular societal reference point, as opposed to a Christian reference point.  The big difference between America and Western Europe is what happened in the post-WWII period.  At mid-20th century, I don't think that Christian influence in Europe was any weaker than in America.  America's Christianity was always personally-experiential, while Europe's was more communitarian.  So that probably does make America's Christianity more tenacious and more insidious.  But in the big picture, the American-European difference is that in America, the left largely lost the culture wars of the 1960s to a resurgent right-wing, whereas in Europe, the liberalization of the 1960s endured and the cultural ethos became suffused with it.  

So what we need is not another century of slow and plodding progress, but another watershed period such as the 1960s.  Maybe on the second attempt, the resulting social changes will actually take hold.

As I stated above, I think religion will be our last great culture war in the U.S.  The "Millennials" will be at the forefront in enacting change.   

I don't like this law one bit!

I don't like the Teabagger Taliban at all, …that's putting it mildly though.

Good question. Sow the seed of Freethought. Science education .. Which I am currently involved in at the university.

The statute talks about a "20 weeks" being the limit at which a woman can terminate a pregnancy.  This is, in fact, false.  It is actually less than 20 weeks.  More like 17 weeks.  And the reason why?  Because of a little slick trick that was inserted into the law. You see, according to the Arizona legislature, the beginning of gestation is not when the egg if fertilized. Gestation begins on the first day of a woman's last menstrual cycle; whether or not fertilization occurs. In other words, by statute law, a woman's pregnancy begins before she is pregnant. Anti-science is now the law in the Grand Canyon State.

Arizona House Bill 2036, Section 36-2151, subsection 4, states, "'Gestational age' means the age of the unborn child as calculated from the first day of the last menstrual period of the pregnant woman." 

Religious conservatism isn't a race to the bottom of the intellectual barrel. It's a race to see who can lift the barrel, and get completely underneath it!


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