Republicans propose large tax increase on health coverage

With all the media concentrated on the President's speech, the announcement of a GOP alternative to Obamacare devised by three Republican senators did not get as much notice as it should have. Their plan retains some popular features of the Affordable Care Act, but largely unnoticed was the large tax increase it proposes.

As it stands now (and has for many years), the employer contribution to health care insurance is not taxed. Under the Republican proposal part of it would become income taxable to the employee. The plan calls for taxing 35% of the employer contribution.

The average premium, according to the Kaiser Foundation analysis is $16,351 of which the employee pays $4,565 and the employer $11,786. 35% of this last amount is $4,125. Marginal tax rates differ so it is not possible to say how much the tax on $4,125 would add to the tax bill, but it would be substantial. (At 15% marginal rate it would be $619 and at 25% it would be $1,031.)

What's more, the percentage of this employer paid premium could be adjusted up or down in future legislation, increasing tax bills without changing the tax rates themselves. The purpose is to drive people away from employer health insurance into buying policies themselves.

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WADAMINIT!!!  I thought repubs weren't into raising taxes ... though I suppose they're glad to tax anything that's associated with Obama or actually HELPING the American public.

I've said it before and will say it again: PA-THE-TIC.

Well this doesn't actually raise tax rates, it just increases taxable income. How can you complain about that?

Grover Norquist is going to have a hard time with this one.

Loren, they are into raising taxes. Just not on them and their political contributors. 

GOP - Working to Destroy the American Middle Class Since 1981.

I ignore the House Republicans. I'll take them seriously when they vote to impeach Obama.

For being both black and president.

None of this surprises me. I figured this would happen once ACA came into law so the employer wouldn't have to pay on his worker's health insurance. The GOP wanted reduced wages in this country so badly that it's my belief they enticed illegal aliens from Mexico to come here for jobs. Later they talk out of the other side of their mouths when that happens.

Dennis, ???

When did employers stop paying for their workers' health insurance?

??? again.

The GOP ... enticed illegal aliens from Mexico ....

Folks living in Mexico were illegal aliens before they came to the USofA?

Dennis, do you get your news from Fox TV?

No, No, No. Let's straighten this up here. Employers have not stopped paying for their employees health care yet, but that is the GOAL the GOP would like to see whether the ACA was passed or not. In my state they would also like to repeal the over 40 hour overtime as well.

No, folks living in Mexico are not illegal aliens. They are quite legal in their own country, thank you. In Texas the GOP "enticed" them (that means made things look good to them) to come to Texas and take over jobs so that less money could be paid to the people doing those jobs. If the job pays less money, the employer gets a little richer. The USA worker is out the door and the Mexican worker is in --unless his paperwork is foung to be bogus. At this time he is found to be an illegal alien.

Of course, the Mexicans would have came whether they were enticed here or not. Some said they were stealing our jobs, but the truth is that they often did jobs that most of us would not do anyway!

I don't think you would have found any of the above on Fox TV or Fox news. Fuck Fox TV!

I'll go you a step further here, Tom. My wife is a tribal Kenyan that I brough to the USA doing every scrap of her paperwork myself without a lawyer. This takes many forms to do, and every piece of paperwork has a price tag to it. Immigration law is not that hard to follow. Today my wife is a US citizen and has just been promoted in her company. She is the new contract buyer for North America, and will travel between here and Winnepeg, Canada.

You don't get that on Fox News either!

Got it, Dennis. Thanks for clarifying.

There's something else that Fox News won't tell us: the Repubs need a fast track to citizenship (and voting) for more of the world's old white men. 




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