Request your reps end 'corporate personhood' other corruptions will fall after that...

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So you suggest that people lose their free speech rights by organizing as a group? If you can make a political statement, why can't you make that same statement with 5 friends? Or with 1000 other people who feel similarly?

People have the right to form and join groups to make their positions heard, and to put their money where there mouth is.

Actually it determined that groups of people have free speech rights equivalent to the members of the group. It also correctly ruled (as a Constitutional questions, so I don't think there is much Congress can do about it) that the government could not stop Citizens United from promoting a film about Hilary Clinton within 30 days of the Democratic convention. Really, why should the government be allowed to interfere with privately funded speech?

elections? what elections!? all street level shit now.. post regan era.. or even nixon... has done quite a number on the psyche state of states.. loopholes and lame do-nothing jobs galore! education!? ha.. there's no profiting from smart kids/ adults that know better etc..

dumb is key for the right wing and no wing corporations... read.

how do you know it is not the Chinese who are putting their money where a congressman's mouth is?

one does not and many do not care.. as long as the most hateful and spiteful "i had a rough strict childhood and hate gays even if i am.. kinda CEO's" they're the one's...
or the Rand Paul types.. like Rome all over again. all metrosexual like Brevik.
fuck their religions
the Constitution grants that I shall not be fucked by their pathetic social engineering attempts at subverting rights.. women and children i say.
when folks get real broke and could care less about tv /radio/religion or whatever means of mind control (kinda noticing that now) but the obese in body and mind types just keep screwing at some point their screw gets set and they sit high on their hogs.. (corporations_

amazing tho.. they just own what people need the most. water/fuel/education.. (yet the internet when that's censored for education.. that's when you'll really see an up-tick in hate) just saying. look at KKK friendly Iran. Racist central Israel. Criminal harbor of S.Africa.
Loss of common good or sense whatever monarchy.. the USA broke from that shit yet no surprise the same kinda fascsits want another go at us through unconventional means. peace.

Gingritch had ties to china mobs/gambling corporations in the USA.. serious

Here's what I want to do: I'm an Australian and I'm going on tour across North America next month. I want to marry a corporation so I can get a green card.  If someone sets up a company, corresponds with me about how environmentally friendly their company is, it and I can file for marriage when I get there.

We can use all legal precedents defining a corporation as a natural person, and I hear someone married a cow in the USA, so let's use that as a precedent for human-to-nonhuman marriage.  :-)


hey look.. it's all war w/o guns! yay! just like they voted for in 2000.




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