As I struggle to figure out what happened to our country that allowed Donald Trump to become president-elect, I hear people around me saying such things as "How did we let this happen?" and "What will happen now?". I was stunned. I dressed in black the day after the election, and went to my physical therapy session, where several of the other patients were dressed in black as well. Many people are frightened, alarmed, worried, concerned, but don't know what to do with those feelings. The election is over. There isn't another presidential election for four whole years, so how do we deal with our feelings of betrayal, anger, fear, sorrow . . . ?  Trump has already made his bigotry clear. He wants to exclude people from immigrating based on their religion. He treats women as sex objects. He wants to proliferate nuclear weapons. He is a climate change denier, and plans to reverse all efforts to save our planet from extinction-level cataclysms.

Many people have taken to the streets of our cities to participate in protest rallies, a form of political expression Americans have frequently turned to. For those fit and healthy enough to participate, those protest rallies are a powerful tool, and they should continue. People should respond in any way that they are physically and emotionally capable.

I am too old and infirm to go out and march. I'm not very good at leading groups or organizing people. But I'm very scared about the future of our nation and indeed of the world. I am from a family of German Jews, and many members of my mother's family perished in the holocaust, including my maternal grandfather. What can I do to prevent America from going the way of the Third Reich? My way of responding to the threat to our country and our planet is to help finance an organization dedicated to fighting against the Trump threat. My wife and I are not wealthy, but we are relatively financially secure, so we are choosing to donate what is to us a sizable sum each month to, which states on its website:

"MoveOn is the largest independent, progressive, digitally-connected organizing group in the United States. Launched in 1998, MoveOn pioneered online organizing and advocacy techniques that have become standard in politics, nonprofits, and industry in the U.S. and worldwide. We combine rapid-response political campaigning with deep strategic analysis, rigorous data science and testing, and a culture of grassroots member listening and participation that allows us to consistently and quickly identify opportunities for progressive change–and mobilize millions of members to seize them. MoveOn members step up as leaders by using the MoveOn Petitions DIY organizing platform to create their own petitions and campaigns to drive social change."  To learn more, go to

Let's all do what we can to fight this!!!

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Bergen, what is MoveOn proposing that will keep the party elite off our backs?

Tom, I think they're in "deep strategic analysis" analysis mode at the moment, consulting with lawyers and planning strategy, other than supporting the street protests. This change in the political landscape will require coordinated responses on many fronts.

If you're concern is to reorganize the DNC, to get corporate control out and democracy back in, I think that's a priority of Bernie's Our Revolution.

Ruth, my way would have been Warren for pres and Sanders for vicepres.

The DNC and the RNC, two cooperating elites, would have blocked them.

We here have tossed a skydaddy.

Can Americans, many of whom accept a skydaddy, toss dcdaddies and dcmommies?

They are major league players and tossing them will require major league skills.

Candidates such as Warren and Sanders would have helped us grow these skills. What's your thinking on how we would keep these skills?

I'm hoping My Revolution and MoveOn will lead the way. But the left needs to develop far more media savvy to compete.

Ruth, My Revolution's and MoveOn's leaders will grow skills their other members won't grow.
How will those other members keep those leaders from using their new skills corruptly?

I can tell you where Elizabeth Warren stands on this business ... and per usual, her position is thought-out and worthy of your attention:

Loren, you're right about Warren's position being thought-out and worthy of our attention.

I recently finished a book about leaders and followers. Its author says good leaders and toxic leaders can "come onto the stage".

He also says followers can cause good leaders to become toxic leaders.

I agree with Warren, excepting that I think our first job is to reform the electoral process. Bigotry is the symptom, but disenfranchisement makes this disease virulent. Fighting the bigotry is essential, but does nothing to stop the root problem.

What is the root problem?

You really want to know what the real problem is? The root problem is us. The root problem is humankind's stupidity and greed and failure to recognize our own stupidity and greed. And now that I think about it, what may be even worse is our failure, at least this time, to recognize the power and persuasiveness of our lowest common denominators. That's what won this election for Drumpf.

Lincoln said that we must disenthrall ourselves, and then we can save our country. Anyone sufficiently disenthralled yet?

Loren, you're wanting a lot from the descendants of pond scum. Cut us some slack.:-)

Tom, in the face of Donald Trump, I'm not prepared to cut anybody any slack. You don't like it, lump it!




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