Resolved: Atheists Are More Cat People Than Dog People

Having co-habited with many cats over the years, I've found them to be free-thinking and inquisitive, like atheists. Dogs seem to be more accepting, more willing to go along. I think this accounts for the fact that atheists tend to favor cats over dogs. (I'm not saying atheists hate dogs--just that we're better attuned to cats.) Comments?

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Like Elly-Mae Clampett? Did you keep the fish in the 'ceement pond'?

It seems we have somehow gotten sidetracked into a discussion about vegetarianism. I am not a vegetarian (not yet) - I still eat fish and poultry, although I gave up red meat for more than 10 years already, since I joined an animal protection group in the Philippines. The group never compels anyone to be a vegetarian, but do encourage members to gradually make the shift. Often, decisions are made voluntarily out of conscience. It can be a traumatic experience to actually witness killing inside a slaughter house. One of the challenges presented to meat-eaters is for them to kill the animals themselves - most shy away from the challenge. It is very different from simply buying packages of pork chops in the grocery. Whether humans are by nature omnivore or herbivore, I am not sure. We might eventually evolve into a plant-eating human, just like our gorilla cousin. Who knows, maybe our capacity to empathize with the suffering of animals will be the catalyst.  

I think it depends on the cat and the dog. I like some cats, I really hate some cats. I love most dogs, but I really hate some dogs. I'm more of a dog person if I had to pick either one, though.

I'm the opposite, hate cats with a passion, love dogs!  

Used to shoot cats to cull their numbers, couldn't shoot a dog.

Cats just use people, no real attachment, if a neighbor gives a cat something better to eat than the owner, the owner loses and the neighbor gains a cat, until it gets better food or treatment somewhere else.

A domestic cat's entire life revolves around staying a kitten, or having it easy, let loose in the wild it becomes a small tiger or leopard where it ravages our wildlife, only to return to kitten state when taken in by a human, mother cat substitute.  Where they still kill wildlife in play, without any necessity for food.  I love small lizards which the cats have almost wiped out around here.  Our dogs ignore them and since our dogs also hate cats with a passion, the lizard numbers have grown in our back yard where the cats fear to enter.

Yep, the only good cat is a dead cat!

That's my opinion.

I'm sick of city people who live in their isolated homes.

At the time I lived in the bush where the excessive wild cat population has destroyed much of the wildlife.  The culling of the cats was in the 70s where there was no other choice, you cannot put a fully grown wild cat in with a family.   The bush in our region was full of them and the small lizard and bird population, not to mention native rodents was bordering on extinction.

I think the native rodents in that region are already extinct due to cats.

Get out an see the real world.

Domestic animals create environmental disasters, cats should not have been introduced into Australia, same goes for dogs, though dingoes had already been introduced and did their own damage.  That's a fact.

We also had a lot of trouble with wild dogs, I was confronted by a pack of 8 wild large dogs that had been killing sheep when they came for the waste at our camp, if it wasn't for a stock whip, they would likely had torn me apart.

Plus I had also the same confrontation with two dobermans who had only a week earlier jumped a hedge and killed a toddler, I only survived because I stood my ground and confronted them.

You are as bad as religious bigots who won't try to understand atheism.

Who we are has a lot to do with the environments we live in, if you live in isolated city dwellings and don't see the ugly side of domestic animals, you will always see them as nice and cuddly animals.

Get out and see the other side, yes they do have a very ugly side, just ask any environmentalist or wildlife officer.

Pets need to be fixed... Homo sapiens need to be fixed as well. Homo sapiens kill WAY MORE of all wildlife than any cat could ever come close to achieving.

Please disregard this message if you have already been nutured.

In a way I agree TNT666, we kill by introducing natural killers into environments where such killers never existed.  Yes it's humans fault, not the cats.

Though an interesting part of my studies into cat psychology as a young teenager was a particular cat out of the 30+ cats that inhabited our yard on any given day was a particular young male that I disliked immensely.  As a young adult it was the only one of his age that still suckled from his mother and frequently, like two or three times a day masturbate on his mother's head.  I used to site this as proof of Freud's oedipus complex existing in cats.  Though the oedipus complex has now been confined to the waste bin as Freudian nonsense.  Neurology has destroyed his theory completely.

By the way Dempsey Ol' M8!  LOL

When it comes to cats I'm the expert compared to you.  Started with a family property which would average 30+ cats on it at any one time, I often studied their habits and play.  I would follow them into the bush and learned at a very young age what incredible killing machines they are.  I actually felt respect for them in a strange kind of way, though the only cat I really cared for was a completely blind, albino, feral cat, I was amazed how this cat could survive in the wild being blind and yet it was always well fed, without the need for food from us.  I often tried to catch it, yet it was so sensitive to vibrations and noises that I could never get near it.  I was 12 at this time.  It was when I caught them playing and killing native marsupial mice (damn cute little animals) that they started to raise my dislike for them.  I wrongly thought having 30+ supreme killing machines would be useful during the mouse plague, but watching the mice just play hop scotch over them without a single cat bothering with them (too well fed by my parents) was very disappointing. 

It was later when I started becoming concerned for our native animal population and realized how much damage the cats were actually doing that I and some wildlife officers decided there numbers need to be severely reduced for the sake of our native species.

Since I've studied behavior of hundreds of cats both in domestic and wild situations, when it comes to knowledge of cats.  I'm infinitely superior to you.

That's a fact!

Dempsey that is so wonderful that you trap and neuter feral cats. That is what Alley Cat Allies does. I'm a member of them - I give them money. Way to go!

That's the website for Alley Cat Allies.

That's wonderful to hear Dempsey.

I found their website.. I will have to join and donate to the cause.

You take care too! You also rock!
Thanks for taking care of the animals Dempsey.

This conversation has gone to shit.  If people can't understand that, sometimes, when domestic animals become feral in an environment in which they are a very serious threat to the native wildlife, they need to be culled, then reason has gone out the door.

If the resources exist to do something else and if that "something else" is really effective, great.  If not, then, unfortunately, the feral animals need to be killed.  Yeah, it sucks if animals need to be destroyed because of human mistakes but, sometimes, that really is what needs to happen.

This is real life, not a Disney film.




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