Resolved: Atheists Are More Cat People Than Dog People

Having co-habited with many cats over the years, I've found them to be free-thinking and inquisitive, like atheists. Dogs seem to be more accepting, more willing to go along. I think this accounts for the fact that atheists tend to favor cats over dogs. (I'm not saying atheists hate dogs--just that we're better attuned to cats.) Comments?

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Exactly Brad.  :D  

Though I thought at joining Atheist Nexus that people here were highly rational and could work that out for themselves, yet, I find I'm defending myself from the same concepts and irrational reasoning I get on Theist forums.  Which I frequent often, posing as a fellow theist.

Though instead I find people who think pugilism solves arguments and cats are just little fluffy people lovers.  Yeh, right, that's rational!!!

Even my Chinese ex boxer best m8 with his dementia knows that pugilism never solves arguments, one person is right before the fight and that person stays right during and after the fight, whether he/she wins, loses or even dies.  For instance Pat Condell's recent You-Tube attack at the Muslim violence over a so called insulting movie.

Yes Pat is totally right in what he states in that video, he will be right even if the Muslim extremists do as they promise and kill him, they will still be wrong and Pat will be right, regardless.

Yes, we had absolutely no other choice but to cull those cats.  We would have jumped at another option, but sadly for the cats, there isn't one.

Neutering cats also solves nothing, it will be a never ending saga, because Idiotic folk dump kittens. Yes, people have cats and like kittens so they don't fix their cats, so often they will pick their favourite kitten from the litter and dump the rest on the side of a road or in a bush area where they won't get caught, because it is illegal.

It happens nearly every week, in some periods almost daily. 

People are the problem, but people don't want to listen, thus the cats and the wildlife all suffer because of their sheer ignorance. 

Ah, how I wish we could get free neutering for H.sapiens too, then we'd really be getting somewhere. :)

Sorry but I have to choose dogs over cats. I think that dogs are more interesting and more intimate. You cant take cats hiking, to the park, or on road trips with you. Besides, my cats are incredibly person oriented. Always wanting attention. So Dogs seem to be the more reasonable choice. 

I've taken cats hiking and on camping trips and on cross country road trips and on ocean sailing trips. They are very fun travel companions. If it's just "reason' we're looking at... then I'd think you'd consider finances... cat maintenance is much much cheaper than dog maintenance... so as far as "rational" bang for your buck goes ... :)

I agree and dogs are more productive in many ways than cats.  If there is any need for a search and rescue, you can count on Fido, but on Morris.  Heck to the naw.

What is surprising is the number and intensity of responses on this topic! I am fond of dogs, but if I could not have a dog I would have a cat or a rabbit or a bird. It's always good to have living things around you even if it's plants. There is something soothing about having living things in your house. I do make an exception for insects.

Indeed, living around other living beings educates people about life forms other than Homo sapiens, and many bugs are nice too :), some are even wildly beautiful, specially in the tropics. What has surprised me even more in these responses are the cat-hating crowd. It always seems to come back to this. People who think cats are "cold and manipulative" IMO have serious issues with self love and need the kind of slobbering constant affection dogs provide them. Sort of like those desperate parents who kidnap third world babies because they so "must" have a baby to "love them unconditionally". There is something fundamentally sad about people that desperate. :(

Again I agree TNT!  I often prefer the solitary life and think children are a hassle, I'm very glad my own have left to forge lives of their own with good careers, so they have no need to come back looking for handouts.  Though I cannot call my relationship with my wife, unconditional love because all real love comes from mutual commitment and respect, we are a great team and we continually strive to stay the best friends and strongest team we can be.  Yes, a marriage requires continual maintenance from both partners.

Aye M8!  :-D-



They didn't have cat trapping and neutering in the 70s, besides neutering doesn't reduce the population that was already saturated.  We would have had to pay for the neutering out of our pockets and it wouldn't have eased the problem in any way, too many cats with catching and neutering would still mean too many cat

.    It appears that many on this website have lived their lives in cotton wool and never been exposed to harsh realities.  It's like they have all been indoctrinated into city living and cushy lifestyles.
It's as bad as being indoctrinated into religion. I had to work from the age of eight for my meals as we were poor and needed every hand on the farm to pull their weight. I had to cut sheep skulls open at that age to extract the brains as my father was a butcher and we had dairy cows that I had to help milk as well. So I learned anatomy at a very early age from practical experience, even had to perform autopsies on dead animals to see why they died, we cut up cows with an axe, because it was the quickest way to get to the cause. My brother and I would play games with the organs. After leaving the farm I hit the city as a teen and got lost, only to wander the streets for four years living on $10 per week and experienced watching idiots kill themselves by injecting cocktails of toxins into their bodies.
I left when my life was under threat from a gang I had upset to return to the bush. I've seen a lot that likely you will never see and experienced some harsh realities it shows you have never been near, yes, I've seen the good and bad sides of many things, domesticated animals especially

Well if you put it that way, I'm just answering your totally naive attacks on Moi.

Yes, you were attacking my knowledge of cats (which is evidently greater than your own) without any knowledge of my background nor reason for my dislike of cats.

That is showing your own naive bigotry! 

Which as I've been pointing out is no better than theistic anti-atheist bigotry.

I may be self obsessed as all mammals must look after themselves for survival, narcissism is healthy to a degree, though you are have proven yourself to be a raving, naive, bigot.

A person who is not a bigot would have approached my first post differently by asking me to explain my reason for dislike of cats further, before rushing into calling me an Asshole without any qualification for making such a stupid, ridiculously poor judgement.

You have thus proven yourself to be the bigoted asshole!

BTW Dempsey, An ex Boxer aye,  When was the last time you had a brain MRI?

Just concerned about your health!

Well... life in the country... where I'm from... in a old fashioned sea-side semi agricultural town of 2800 folks... litters of dogs, cats, pigs, rabbits... any animal which one could not afford to feed was euthanised. Neutering is choice no.1, euthanasia is no.2 Euthanasia of a newborn animal I have absolutely no issues with. And in H.sapiens... PPD often achieves the same result.




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