A page on Facebook posted a link to this photo today:



Naturally, a little argument ensued. People were complaining about how Jesus was shown here (obviously), and other people fired back that it was true, etc. you know the drill. Anyway, someone said they were getting tired of seeing "atheist shit" on the page, and asked what was wrong if you just believe in God, and you're not using it for money or power, or whatever. I told him and anyone else listening that since the religious get to post things about what they believe and how they think, then nonbelievers should have the right to express their thoughts as well. Another person came in and told me that this was not an opinion, this was simply trolling, and if he insulted my beliefs I'd get mad. I told him it really should not be a big deal.


I come back an hour or so later and a few more people have responded. The previous person posted as well. He said, "But it's really offensive saying that someone important to someone's faith is a myth. I hear atheists and agnostics talk about how Christians should be more tolerant of other people's beliefs, but when it comes to our beliefs, they're usually very intolerant. If I even mention how I believe homosexuality is a choice and how I believe it's wrong, they start cursing at me and calling me bigoted."

Now, I am quite through dealing with the people on that thread, as they will only drive me insane. But how could I explain? Christians hate on atheists and other beliefs quite often. They still ask that we respect them, but how? How can someone expect me to respect their disrespect?

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In case you haven't seen it yet. anger

The whole bible is nothing but an "us against them" trope.  It's all about god "choosing" special people or groups of people and ordering them to rail against, drive out, or annihilate others. It promises rewards for those who "hate" their friends, families, ethnic groups and countries in order to follow its teachings.  It is an exercise in black/white thinking - no shades of gray allowed.  Men are superior to women, dark-skinned people are inferior to lighter-skinned people, believers are saved, non-believers are damned.  Associating with those who are different from you in any way somehow "pollutes" you.  It's Dr. Seuss's story about the star-bellied sneeches on a grand scale.  It's knee-jerk reaction as opposed to deep critical thinking.  

It's my opinion that respect is earned.  Beliefs inform action.  It is almost impossible to really believe something and not order your life around that belief in some way.  Ignorant, superstitious beliefs not only harm those who hold them, they have the potential to harm all those who must interact with the persons holding them.  I've never yet met a dedicated theist who could keep it to themselves, and I do not respect anyone who thinks they are compelled by a supernatural being to tell me what to do.   This does not mean I "hate" that person - but I am perfectly capable of hating his or her ignorant beliefs. 

I agree. I only wish more non-theists would make the distinction that you don't "hate" the religious person, but you hate their beliefs, i.e. religion itself.


Many people feel that the religious person themselves are at fault for their beliefs. That they have a conscious power to denounce religion. 

I disagree with those people.

Cane..Religious belief is Voluntary Ignorance.

Hey Charles, I hope you don't mind my finishing your thought above:

That's why we should hate the Chrisitian as well as Chrisitianity.


 Am I right?

Cane...I hate very little in this world, don't put words in my mouth.

I explain that to christians by reminding them that they say "don't hate the sinner, hate the sin". . .but for me it's "don't hate the deluded religious person (most of them anyway), hate the delusion". . .

The Romans, the Christians, the Zoarastrians, the Muslims, every group has persecuted others. Today, Christians are persecuting the atheists. Tomorow, when the Christians will be in a minority and the atheists will be in majority, the atheists to will persecute the Christians. This is very apparent to me from the hate spewed by atheists. This only goes to show that human beings are still savages, almost as they were during the crusades.

At the end of the day, we have to be rather blunt about what we stand for and stop pussy footing around. I, for one, would like to live in a world where religion does not exist at all.

I think that the arguments are moot, we know that the bible, religion, scriptures, god and jesus is simply not a sound argument nor an ideal way of life.

I am rather tired of debating this subject because I may as well be debating over the existence of aliens or unicorns, and still these people don't get it. They have had a couple of thousand years to get their point across and, really, it just isn't working.

They do not understand that we do not want religion in our government no do they understand why. I like the quote: "If your religion is so personal, why do I keep hearing about it?"

I just get offended at the ridiculousness of it all, I cannot fathom the fact that supposedly intelligent human beings cannot live their lives for exactly what it is and that we need to hang on to ancient beliefs in order to 'be good people' and to explain our existence. I am ashamed of the human race for being so stupid and ignorant. I also don't get why they are so offended by the non-religious and that blasphemy is so bad. I am tired of having to watch what I say because it may offend someone who believes in fairy stories - GTFOI FFS.

My new years resolution is to not be worried about offending the religious any more, stuff it, I will say what I want, when I want and wait for mankind to wake up to itself and stop being so stupid.

It's weird.  Christians know that atheists exist, right?  They generally understand what an atheist is, don't they?  It's not as if that picture completely blindsided them.  In fact, I'll bet that it depicts a question that many people--believers and nonbelievers alike--have asked themselves at one point.

today it's dumb and tomorrow dumber


I think most peoples belief in religion comes out of their need to believe in god. Most people do not even know their scriptures. If they can be convinced that there was no need for any god for creation of the world, their faith will start faltering. Considering the speed at which science is growing and is becoming all-pervasive in human life, I do not give much time for the survival of religions.




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