Welcome to the Social Disinformation Age.

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... a new study sheds light on how the social media platform can be hijacked by bots to spread political disinformation during election campaigns.

A researcher at the University of Southern California found that almost 20 percent of Twitter bots that were engaged in spreading propaganda against Emmanuel Macron during the recent French presidential election had been used to spread misinformation in favor of Donald Trump last year during the U.S. elections.

Many of those bots stopped tweeting after Trump won last November and only began tweeting again in the weeks ahead of the French elections to promote the “Macron Leaks,” an unverified hack of his campaign’s emails.

Bottom line, according to the study by Dr. Emilio Ferrara, a research assistant professor at USC Computer Science Department: “Account usage patterns suggest the possible existence of a black-market for reusable political disinformation bots.”

Study: Bots have turned Twitter into a powerful political disinform...

And you thought we don't live in a dystopia!

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