Rev. John Hagee Wants You to Get a Plane Out if You Don't Like People Saying "Merry Christmas"

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You're back! Glad to see you James! You were missed!

Walkman? I forgot those existed.

Oh well. Another minister making $$$$ from the culture wars. Another day, another fake outrage.

All of these wrong-side-of-history bigots are way shy of being up to date on technological advances since science is the enemy and the tool of Satan. I cannot recall, but I must believe the original Luddites of early machine age England had to have been religious fanatics of one stripe or another. You shouldn't be surprised, nor do I suppose you are, that people like Hagee would not know a Walkman from a Blackberry, much less an iPad. Now that we know Pat Robertson has siphoned off millions of charitable contributions meant to aid cholera victims in Africa but applied instead to Pat's diamond and gold mining operations in countries where bribes must be paid to genocidal dictators, one can imagine Hagee stealing contributions from his congregation intended to help build Israeli settlements in Palestine so that the Rupture Rapture can come to pass. Their congregations are blithering idiots brainwashed into thinking Jesus was just joking when he said rich men shall no sooner enter heaven than a camel shall pass through the eye of a needle: the prosperity gospel allows them to come to church on Sunday and go to hell on Monday, believing as they do that if they listen to ReverEND John, St. Peter has a pass go and collect $200 card waiting for them at the entrance to mythotopia.

Didn't know that about Robertson....  damn him!  What the hell does he need all those riches for at this point in his life?  He's made his millions on millions suckering gullible fools out of their precious dollars, and it's still not enough.   Just for 5 minutes, I wish I could meet him in person and tell him what a despicable little slime shit pile I think he is.

There is a new documentary out about Robertson exposing his game. Also, "Church and State," the magazine of Americans United (for Separation of Church and State) carried in their last issue a full treatment of the scandal. Robertson was soliciting funds on TV and in his church, telling contributors the money was going to fight cholera in a partcular African nation. With the millions contributed, his diamond and gold mining corporations (of which he apparently was the only stockholder) bought used aircraft ostensibly to fly in the medications but actually to deliver mining equipment. The diamond mining venture went bust so they went to a neighboring country and started to mine for gold. He was paying bribes to tyrants in office, the same guys who impress boys into military servitude and wage interncene wars with neighoring tribes. Robertson is more evil than anyone could have guessed.

It comes from frustration. So many people distrust non-believers and so many put faith in people like Hagee and Robertson. This morning, while surfing on TV, I caught the final moments of a Creflo Dollar show. That guy at least has the cajones (the gall?) to use a monetary unit in his surname, and it could be argued that his "given name" implies a "flow" of cash into the coffers of his megachurch. He hawks his books and other merchandise just like he was doing a Walmart commercial. Why these organizations are not taxed to the hilt is enough to make me wish I were NOT a violent person. I am not violent but I have a temper.

It would seem Hagee is only interested in opinions that agree with his own.  That jackass is due for a wake-up call ... a BIG one.

Uh, and just when can we exxpect that to come to pass, Loren? It will take a few more generations of Americans to wake up, shake off the God delusion, and start taxing megachurches and any religiious organization that even whispers a political position on an issue, much less candidate.

James, I'm still down with the "let-the-old-idiots-die-off" proposal, particularly since it may be the only one that works.  The problem is with all the crap that they can potentially raise between here and their funerals.

I'd have no problem facing down Hagee one-on-one.  He is, by his nature, a coward, and I doubt he'd want to deal with such a confrontation.  The problem is as much his followers as it is him ... and in some ways, I suspect THEY are far more dangerous.

Not to be too crude but...screw him!

Go ahead. Be crude.


I shouldn't think he'd be a very good lay.




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