Rev. Pat "Sparky McCrazy" Robertson Calls For Legalization of Marijuana

Cut off my legs and call me Shorty! The apex of Xtian right wing hatred, bigotry, racism, and intolerance actually had two synapses in his brain fire at the same time and come to a reasonable idea.  Hold your breath boys and girls.

Rev. Pat "Gays are Responsible for 9/11" Robertson has called for the legalization of marijuana. When I heard this, I thought I would need to change my underwear.

Here it is

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Talk about fucking up my world view.

I mean, WTF?

Did Rev. Sparky get a hold of some chronic and….? No.

That's some fucked up shit though, …after all, he's dissed Mac n' Cheese, how could he be okay with the major Mac n' Cheese gateway?


I need a toke and some K.D.


It's gotta' be something with some connection to a family member, or a friend's kid or something like that. Maybe he went in to a prison and found out that the majority of convicts were there for Pot convictions (it's a good chunk of US prison pop.), …found out they were all Christians, (even though for some, maybe more than a few, …it looks good at a parol hearing if you have a personal saviour, just saying'…).

All these Christians locked up, when they could be out (well yeah…I agree, but->) tithing and voting the evil party line.

That's what I'm thinking, …because if someone gave him a bowl of bud indica, he'd probably try Mac n' Cheese, y'know?

In my experience it seems that the folks who do an about face on this subject have had somebody in their life who has been caught up in the only legal prejudice left and  it is most easily personified by the "War on Drugs" A complete and utter American travesty of justice. 

Ok, define for me, "fucking up my world view." "That's some fucked up shit though,". 

Sure Joan:

  • "fucking up my world view."

Never, would I ever expect "Sparky McCrazy" to say anything that made sense.

  • "That's some fucked up shit though,"

This is a more obscure reference to "Mac n' Cheese" (or as Canadians call it "K.D."), "the munchies" (cannabis often induces hunger)  and this:

OK! Whatever rings your chimes. I would use different words when referring to Pat, but we mean the same thing. Thanks for the translation. 

"we mean the same thing"

Why Ruth, I'd never pegged you for someone who's partaken of the herb.

…just kidding

You are right, never so much as a stick in my mouth. Not bragging or complaining; just the fact. 

And there's nothing wrong with that, …I'm rather indifferent to the stuff myself, despite a familiarity with it.

Worse, it's the gateway to chocolate!

Hard to wrap my head around this on....

So that's one good thought in an otherwise stupid head! lol




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