He's ba-ack. The Reverend Terry Jones, who last year received a huge amount of attention thanks to his threat to publicly burn 200 copies of the Quran, is looking for the limelight again with a new threat: He's going to put the Quran on trial. On January 12, the bewhiskered pastor told a Tampa Bay radio audience (WFLA-AM 970) that "Judgement Day" will take place on the grounds of his Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida.
More, including a video, here.

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It's sad that my hometown is getting renowned/infamous for zealots like Jones and Tebow. I'd find it far more miraculous if his track record had been done with a hundred pound weakling frame. And the Quran on trial? What's his focus going to be, the warlord nature of Mohammed, or the reasoning behind their not taking Jesus as their prophet/messiah? Probably the latter, because genocide would give them too much common ground.
And I thought we were rid of this assclown...
If he uses the Quran to show violence and slavery promotion, then it's clear we also need to do a Judge the Bible Day. >.>




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