One of the most informative talks I have yet heard regarding how Jesus relates to the Old Testament stories. 

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Carrier is pretty good. Apparently people got tired of animal sacrifice every year to get rid of their "sins" so the Jesus idea came forward to replace that and it was a one time thing only. If you believed it was a done deal. Even so, you have believers going to a priest often to confess and repent. In some religions you get "revived" and become "on fire for god again," etc. This has to be an experienced and ongoing thing because the books that it all comes from are static and dead. What this produces is an ongoing practice that can never be like it was written to be because we read so much into it and take it all as fact. This is also why we have so many religions in the world. Many do not understand that all these facts came from myth.

That's a great interview.  Richard Carrier is always a fascinating speaker on this topic.  Thanks for the post.

 Richard Carrier is considered by many to be a fringe guy, particularly in his respect to the understanding that Jesus was not a historical person.  I truly believe one day he will be considered to be a pioneer in biblical studies.


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