Richard Dawkins; hats off to you for all that you do and have done! Get his book!

shux i read on the ticker cnn that taylor swift? celeb donated/bought? 6ooo books for whomever; it'd make sense if it was 10K of those...

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Love the book.  I have read most of it, nearly finished.  In my humble opinion I believe Dawkins is a treasure.

Can we clone Professor Dawkins (with all his intelligence, charisma, drive and talent intact)? We desperately need more like him - teaching at every school, starting in kindergarten and continuing through college.  Please, please, pleasepleaseplease!  

His books, starting with The Selfish Gene and the Blind Watchmaker way back in the 80s, were what really educated me about the power of natural selection.  They nurtured my scientific interests, cemented my doubts about creationism and ultimately led to my becoming the educated atheist I am today.  

If I had the money I would buy thousands of copies of this book and distribute it to schools everywhere.

I was at the Texas Freethought Convention this year when Richard read this, its so fabulous, especially narrated by him!




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