Richard Dawkins Intellectually and Morally Crucifies Joseph Ratzinger

It doesn't end well for the former pope!  Excellent stuff from Richard!

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This has already been posted !!!

Richard Dawkins on the Pope


So it has - on March 2nd.  But what about us newbies that are yet to trawl 5 weeks of postings?

Sorry if it offends you that it's been posted again... but I'm sure if we were to search the entire content of this forum there would be many duplicates...

Would you like me to delete it?

Excellent videos are always a pleasure watch a second time......or more.  And some people may have missed it the first time around.  Welcome to the site. 

Thanks!  I'll try and be a little more observant next time... but inevitably things are going to be repeated...

Highly articulate and well spoken.  I don't listen as much to Dawkins as I used to listen to Hitchens - maybe I should.

Ratzinger was a disaster for the Catholic cabal.  We should be happy for that - he led so many away.  I would to see a survey giving numbers.  Now he can fade away - or rot away - and die in a few months or years, and the new pope can work on salvaging the reputation of the church.

Which so far, he seems to be doing.  More modest.  No gold throne on display.  Less ostentatious costuming.   Doing the foot washing, even including women's feet to the chagrin of a few critics.  We'll see what happens.




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