I am thinking about buying this book but i want to know if its any good?

Have any of you read it?

Is it any good?

Who would you recomend it to?

Thnx :)

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  • Probably one of his best books, if not the best (I've read 5) ...so far.
  • Yes
  • Absolutely
  • People who think

A good follow up to this book for Americans is Sean Faircloth's "Attack of the Theocrats"

"Attack of the Theocrats" is not literary art by any stretch, but more a call to arms, so to speak.

I liked "The End of Faith", but I think maybe my expectations were too high, there were many parts of the book that seemed to contradict others. As well I think he understated how serious the problem is in the U.S. in order to highlight the obvious. I'm hoping "Letter to a Christian Nation" makes up for this, ...I suspect they probably could have been one book.

Hitchens' "God is Not Great" ...just hit my mailbox a few days ago, ...that fucker could sure write, damn.

Hi.  I would recommend The God Delusion to everyone!  I was religious/spiritual until I was 39 yrs. old...Then came along Dr.  Dawkins & everything changed - For the better might I add.  After reading TGD in 2006, I have never looked back.  Go to your nearest bookstore today - It's fantastic!

It is good and I do recommend it but in my opinion it is the least of the big three's (Dawkins, Harris, Hitchens) books on Atheism. The End of Faith by Sam Harris and God is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens are better.

It's good...Worth your time. I found it in the local library.




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