Richard Dawkins - Why religion makes him angry

I like what he has to say. Question Everything!

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I got a few chuckles out of it and it's funny considering Mr.Dawkins personality and disposition.

There is no implication whatsoever. He is a better man than me.

Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, Victor J. Stenger, Lawrence Krauss, A.C. Grayling and Michael Onfrey criticise religion for very good reasons. Absence of evidence is evidence of absence, when evidence can be expected and there is a reasonable doubt of the existence of a supernatural power.

Many religions claim to be "the one true faith" even as many people reject the idea of such an entity. From the beliefs of Egyptians, Greek and Roman gods, Mithras and others with parallel myths of magic, healing, being tortured to death and resurrection, it is reasonable to suspect Jesus is a composite figure of former characters.

There is no need to explain natural phenomena using delusions of mythology. God of the gaps fills in holes that cannot be explained, only to find natural explanations as science progresses.

Laws written by Stone Age and Bronze Age tribal lords may have been adequate for sheep herders but fail to guide modern humans in decision making.

Tribal hatreds continue to this day, as well as the right for one human to own another until very recent times.

Fear mongering, especially with children, is disgusting at best and criminal at worst.

Role assignments by gender has no place in modern human functioning. To expect a female to be dependent, passive and subordinate and a male to be independent, active and dominant, denies individual characteristics and limits their options.

Science has the capacity to be used for evil and is becoming a great threat to life as we know it. That does not mean we have only two choice: religion or science. We need to nurture a sense of morals and ethics that transcend both religion and science.

To be expected to allow Young Earth Creationists to impose upon our public school system leaves children handicapped in their thinking, and confusion may not be resolved as they take on adult challenges. We need good, solid education that bases its principles on tested evidence. If the evidence changes, the principle changes. Being locked into Bronze Age dogma makes no sense at all.

For those who do not like the methods used by the "New Atheists", develop another strategy that you think works for you. As for myself, being clear, precise, descriptive, and rational, makes a whole lot more sense than being timid.

Thank you Joan I agree. I am so glad they are around to criticize religion.

Well written Joan! Thanks.




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