Texas Governor Rick Perry Says Demons Involved in Sandy Hook Massacre

Texas Governor Rick Perry has issued a statement regarding the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, which took the lives of 20 innocent little children and six adult school employees, and Obama's recent call to ban assault weapons and for further gun control laws. In Perry's religious based statement he said, "Guns require a finger to pull the trigger. The sad young man who did that in Newtown was clearly haunted by demons and no gun law could have saved the children in Sandy Hook Elementary from his terror."

Perry's blaming the insane and heartbreaking massacre on "demons" who haunted Adam Lanza is far beyond ignorant. Perry is trying to take us back to the time when Christianity ruled Europe, which is known as the Dark Ages.

Perry ... offers prayer as a solution to this real and deadly problem. "... Laws, the only redoubt of secularism, will not suffice. Let us all return to our places of worship and pray for help. Above all, let us pray for our children."

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first i think 'wtf!?

then i gotta break it down to 'for what reason...

devil's in the details and he knows them. the faith talk is decoy;
don't what masses of people to question what you're really up to
. guessing that'$ what it's all about.. notice the ray nagan of katrina fame.. 
'gods mad at america'.. gets found guilty in court of fraud/abuse tax money etc.

waiting for the day perry breaks the grey area barrier;

during the big rightwing election 2012 show in tampa democracy now's amy goodman tried get a mic interview of a real trippy and dodgy 'silent' perry.. surreal! he knew who she was and was the only one that just staid completely oblivious.. smiling.. smiling.. smile.. ing..mute cree pee

i don't know where to begin on demons.. i know there's no such thing; that's where he'd wanna begin? creeeeeepeeee

The scariest part of this entire business is that NO ONE will do ANYTHING to stop Perry or disqualify him from his office or position because of this statement.  This is the kind of statement I would expect from the days of Salem, Massachusetts, 400 years ago and not from the 21st century.  That the mindset which gave rise to Perry's words can still persist in the here and now should disturb anyone with a working brain and intellect.

Perry is obviously delusional.

Not that I really want to defend Perry, but I think you are reading too much into his use of the word "demons".

Personal problems are widely described as someones "demons"

Someone who would go to a school and kill children are battling metaphoric Demons at the very least. That's the usage I read into the statement from Perry above.

Nothing in the OP or the article in the link shows me whether Perry meant the shooter was actually possessed by demons, he may have, but from the material at hand you cant make that assumption.

This sort of overreaction to usage of words and assumed meaning of them are some of the things we accuse theists of doing. Be careful not to do the same back.


Real or metaphoric demons, Perry's indication that he wants us to PRAY to correct the problem is patently ridiculous.  This is the same guy who held that massive religious rally in Houston and who once suggested that our social problems were too much and that we "turn it over to god".  If this guy isn't a dominionist, he is closely enough associated with that movement to worry me considerably.

If Rick Perry has so little trust in the mechanisms of the job he was elected to serve in, he doesn't belong in it.




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