Now, this is scary. What if this deluded individual becomes president? With tea party movement and anti-intellectual bible thumping industry shills like this guy getting favor, it seems the US is in the perfect position to become a straight-up fascist state. Most of the indicators are there already. I'm kinda getting freaked out. What do y'all think?

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I read an article (sorry about not linking it, here) that basically said, the more Rick Perry has come out to pray and politic for president, the worse Texas has suffered from weather conditions, as though God, himself, is trying to tell us something!  Perry holds a weekend prayer rally, not stopped by the courts despite his using governorship (i.e., political office) to promote it (or, better, to have it promote him), and Texas wild fires go up.  He did something else months ago, and the draught deepened and worsened, and the fires started.

Now, if only we could transmit that bit of superstitious propaganda to the public (or just the reBiblicans), maybe Tea Partiers and others would recognize Perry as being on God's bad list and not vote for him, after all.

Take advantage of a lot of people being blissfully unaware of the adage "correlation is not the same as causation" or however that statement goes!  Correlation does not imply causation....but they don't need to be in on the 'secret'...ha.  Divine intervention? Sure, why not!? Remember, these are some of the same creationists that have no problem insisting that Intelligent Design should be taught in public schools as an equal theory to the Theory of Natural Selection.  As they say, to be 'fair and balanced'....or, as I like to call it a "facts be damned approach"...

@booklover:  You'll like this old Doonesbury quote I bet: 


"Situational science is about respecting both sides of a scientific argument, not just the one supported by facts."


**During his presidency, somebody criticized President G.W.Bush by saying his approach to global warming was a 'facts be damned' I like to use that one myself when the situation warrants....I forget who to give credit to unfortunately!


Everyone is entitled to their own opinionsbut they are not entitled to their own facts.

~Daniel Patrick Moynihan

The 'dumbing down' of science is something I keep hoping the Obama administration takes a much stronger stand against in public schools curriculum.  The general public has lost its respect for scientists, scholarship, and research.  Being an intellectual now is something to be ridiculed and held in contempt. Leaders who appear to be 'eggheads' have been encouraged to 'tone it down' and speak the language of the 'common people'....lowest common denominator, if you ask me!  Whenever you hear a politician use the term 'folks'...that's an indicator of this trend.


Ignorance about science is a topic for somebody in a leadership position to discuss in front of the American people.  It has consequences.  As Susan Jacoby, author of "The Age of American Unreason" defines the problem:  "Scientific illiteracy provides fertile soil for political appeals based on sheer ignorance."  (Sure sounds like some current appeals from the candidates from the right side of the political spectrum these days.)




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