Now, this is scary. What if this deluded individual becomes president? With tea party movement and anti-intellectual bible thumping industry shills like this guy getting favor, it seems the US is in the perfect position to become a straight-up fascist state. Most of the indicators are there already. I'm kinda getting freaked out. What do y'all think?

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I have had this discussion with my 16 year old daughter, as well: Canada Here We Come!!
Unfortunately the CONservative majority in this country led by Harper is just the lesser of two evils when compared to the USA under Perry or self-loathing Bachmann (she wants to be a man because god is to her a male chauvinistic pig). Harper has just recently decided to throw out habeas corpus with a new law justified by the threat of 'terrorism,' and let me tell you, his definition of 'terrorist' includes all Canadians who are not members of the CONservative party.
Well that shoots down THAT idea... plan C?? Anyone, anyone?
If it gets that bad, I'll "make aliyah":  Use my status as having been born Jewish to go live in Israel.  I'd rather face Hamas and Hezbollah than the US in a new Dark Ages.
I have not lost all hope about the sensibility of the American electorate.  I will be eagerly watching for Rick Perry to make a fool of himself tonight during the GOP Candidates  Debate.   Between him and Michelle  Bachmann it should make for entertaining television.   I will be taking notes like the nerd  I am.
Perry and the entire right wing have been making fools of themselves for the past decade.  The problem is that about half of all American voters don't seem to notice.
I agree with booklover.

Personal opinion, but Rick Perry is nothing more than flash in the pan.  If you recall, two to three weeks ago, Michelle Bachmann was the undisputed leader after the Iowa straw poll.  Every progressive I know was up in arms about that.  After Perry announced, her numbers dropped like a good flush after shitting out a spicy meal from the night before.  It's September of 2011, and the general election is November of 2012 - fourteen months from now.  I'm of the outlook that Perry will flame out long before November of next year gets here. 

What does worry me, is the more "seemingly" rational Republicans like Mitt Romney, who made a career out of destroying companies, laying off workers, and making a profit out of cannibalizing American companies for fun and profit.  Bush and Rove will work to destroy Perry - they hate him. Romney, on the other hand, has staying power and is much more dangerous - his magic Mormon underwear might just protect him.

The Ames straw poll is a fund raiser.  It costs $30 to vote, so candidates buy votes and pass them out to voters who visit their tents for food and entertainment.  Bachmann bought and handed out 6,000 votes.  Perry wasn't there.


Obama and all the Democratic candidates need to take a stand and campaign against the GOP agenda, not individual candidates.  Regardless of what GOP candidates say, their intention is to destroy the middle class along with the labor unions and progressive Democratic programs that built the middle class.  They accomplish that through red herrings and fear.  Don't worry about the economy; we've got to overturn Roe vs. Wade.  Never mind that the rich and corporations reap the benefits of tax cuts and loopholes; we need to stand firm against gay marriage.  Screw constitutional rights; al Quaeda is still out there.  Etc., etc., etc.


Thought I would add something.  Perry may be a flash in the pan.  But if he fades, who takes the lead?  Not a lot of sanity on the right; not much education, either.

You might be right Pat...people who are bumbleheaded enough to like Bachman and Perry might also be fickle, since they base all their politics on which slogan is the catchiest sounding.

Perry is awful awful awful. The repub candidates as a whole are just astonishing. There isn't a normal person in the bunch.   No newt is good newt.







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