Now, this is scary. What if this deluded individual becomes president? With tea party movement and anti-intellectual bible thumping industry shills like this guy getting favor, it seems the US is in the perfect position to become a straight-up fascist state. Most of the indicators are there already. I'm kinda getting freaked out. What do y'all think?

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No UFOs? :(
ha ha...I'm sure there are some people that are convinced those aliens from outer space are hiding SOMEWHERE...perhaps beneath the patch of garbage and plastic non-biogradable water bottles floating out there.  I still cannot get that spooky doll out of my's eyes were so me the shivers.
The dramatic shot of an adult tortoise whose body was sharply hourglass shaped from growing with a plastic constriction band around its middle was so dramatic, I clicked on a second video to make sure what I thought I was seeing!  At the adult size, it barely had room for its aorta and vena cava to pass.  Getting food through its digestive tract must have been harsh.  I expect it died from ingesting undigestible plastic which blocked the narrow opening through the plastic constriction band still intact outside its shell.  The particulars past that point, well, they're just too gruesome to describe, here.
Yes, that tortoise shot was very disturbing as well.  Like a tree that grows around a rope that has been tied around it as a sapling...but, in the case of the tortoise, it's amazing how it survived to get as large as it did... it made me think of the resiliency of life under trauma, actually...deformed but tough enough to live in spite of it.

I hoped that Bush's second term so fully confirmed what we were dealing with that a backlash would occur, and hope increased with Obama's election.  Then, the midterm elections and Tea Party shocked me, swinging the pendulum back too far, too fast, after rewriting too much recent history too ridiculously.  Obama inherited so much from Bush's 8 years, there was no way to fix it in less than six, IMO.  They started shooting him down at about the one year mark, best I can recall.  They even blame Obama for Bush's first installment of funds to prop up the economy.

Extremism in dominionist religiosity grew like it was on steroids, under Bush -- particularly inside the military!  Want to talk scary?  That's where the nukes are!

The pushback from that extremism seems to have caused an atheist awakening.  (Hmmm.  I like the sound of that:  Atheist Awakening.)

I'm hoping that, by the same token, political pushback will give Obama a second chance and with a more reasonable Congress.

Yes, there is still time.  I'd be a lot more worried if the election was THIS year. 


There must be more insistence on reasonable, balanced dialogue.  Rational decision-making.  Not all this emotional, knee-jerk partisanship. Questioning somebody's 'patriotism' or sincere desire to fix this country's problems should come to an end.  This has to stop being so 'personal'.  And, like you mention, Doc,  extreme ideas percolating in the tea party can be traced back to a segment within the conservative Evangelical religious doubt about it in my mind.

I'll question GOP patriotism.  GOP leaders have done nothing since January of 2009 but try to bring down Obama and to stymie his policy initiatives.  They have an orchestrated national agenda for imposing their misguided values on the entire country, and they have realized that they can get away with just about anything with enough money on their side.

And here I am in total agreement as well...this could be the President's 'secret weapon':  show the other side how unpatriotic their actions have been and how they don't have the monopoly on being good citizens or thinking about what's best for this nation.  (They just have the monopoly $). This is simply obstructionism at its worse, in my opinion.


Demonizing the president is never a good idea but that's never stopped anybody before.  I just hope it backfires on the GOP.  This tactic is a low blow tactic.  We're in an economic crisis and the 2 sides have to come together for the good of the country...not to score political points or to defend their rigid partisan positions.  We don't have the time for these games.

Excuse me but,,,

George W. Bush never won a presidential election, the first term was given to him by his daddy's supreme court and the second was stolen with massive voter fraud in Ohio.

Not that this seems to bother enough people.

I think it might be appropriate to get billboards up that compare rick perry to peter popoff, especially after this 'pray for rain' fiasco.  Sometimes I wonder how states can be so ass-backwards in 2011.

I think 'god' is trying to tell Rick something very important...I think we should ask him: "Rick, why does god hate your state so much?" 


Unfortunately, all kidding aside, he'd probably come up with some reason like "We Christians thrive under suffering circumstances...persecution, plagues, and pestilence just make us STRONGER in our faith.  This is how god tests our faith...what's a little brush fire, now and least we won't be feeling the flames of HELL-fire and damnation into ETERNITY like the liberals. " (It's a bullet-proof argument: suffering makes them stronger, good times are proof that their suffering was 'worth it'.)

No.  God is punishing America for our tolerance toward gays and our acceptance of abortion.  He's burning Texas in order to raise up a judge (Perry) for the nation, just as he raised judges over Israel.  God doesn't punish individuals or states, but entire nations.  His good reason for the Texas fire is to motivate True Believers for a Perry assault on the White House.  You just have to know how to interpret divine omens.


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