Now, this is scary. What if this deluded individual becomes president? With tea party movement and anti-intellectual bible thumping industry shills like this guy getting favor, it seems the US is in the perfect position to become a straight-up fascist state. Most of the indicators are there already. I'm kinda getting freaked out. What do y'all think?

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Perry is awful awful awful. The repub candidates as a whole are just astonishing. There isn't a normal person in the bunch.   No newt is good newt.




Newt Gingrich just cannot think he can win at this point..can he?  Seriously.  Isn't he still #5 in the lineup?  He needs to waddle away back to where he came from... he's not the House Speaker anymore but he just can't 're-design' himself can he...he comes across like a pompous ass.

AnneT - I like the "no newt is good newt"!

Funny "How to move to Canada" book -- maybe we will all have to get that book now.

A lot of people said they would move to Canada if Bush won a second time. The actual percentage who did was around .02 percent I believe.
Not moving to Canada.  Don't get me wrong.  I happen to really like Canadians.  Every time I've encountered them on my travels (including in Canada), they are gracious, friendly, warm, and hospitable.  Hard pressed to think of a more sociable and pleasant people.  But, I was born a US citizen, and I'll die one.  And if the right wing thinks they'll make me cower, or cringe, they have an extremely unpleasant, and possibly life changing experience, in store for them.  An old hippie, with a will to survive, who owns plenty of guns.  I will not go quietly into the night, like so many Germans did in 1933.
@Pat, I like it!
@Pat:  So do we have to have guns?  Can't we just outwit the nitwits?  Show them how 'un-American' they are for taking the rigid positions they have?  Isn't it time for reasonable people to define what Americans are?  The peacekeeping secular humanist has a place at the table, too.  No guns needed at the table except in the 'worse case scenario'...which I doubt is going to happen.  At least keep your gun in the holster for awhile longer, okay??

I'm not pulling any piece on anyone, and hopefully will never have to (unless it's pulled on me).  Problem is, as a person of no faith, that includes the lack of any in the inherent intelligence of the American people.  One of things that deeply concerns me is what I perceive as a slide towards fascism in the US.  An interesting read is the modern day Italian philosopher, and essayist, Umberto Eco.  I can see parallels of his experience happening here in the US.  And, as I alluded to in an earlier post on this thread, Americans (in my opinion) are no more intelligent, or any more perceptive than Germans were in 1933.

Eco grew up in Mussolini's Italy and has written on what he calls Ur-Fascism, or universal fascism.  Here a list of 14 points to look for.  Read it and see how many of these track the Tea Party philosophy.

Reminds me of the quote attributed to the Nobel Prize winning author, Sinclair Lewis.  "When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross.” 

Oh yeah, I'm aware of that stuff and pissed about it. You left out abolishment of corporate income tax. Just worried about the country's direction from here.

It seemed a very good speech.  I only wish he hadn't added God to it three times.  At least, he held that to the end, apparently a tip of the hat to the Tea Partiers and dominionists, so they'd be a little less likely to beat up on republicans willing to at least consider voting for his jobs bill.

Please do.  That would be great.  As for Obama's religious references, my first gut feeling was the same, I think, as yours.  Now, I'm trying to hope for better.  I'm on the President's propaganda email list, and the email, today, regarding 9/11, held no religious reference at all.  That's what encouraged me.  Just saying.  And just hoping...
U.S. voters elected George W. Bush, twice.  If they liked "W", they'll love Rick Perry - a frightfully, sad thought.  I've often considered the possibility of a secular separatist movement.  I wonder where we could go? Someplace where myth and superstition would not be tolerated (O.K., encouraged) and reason could prevail.



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