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That Perry is ignorant of the bases and background regarding church and state separation is intuitively obvious.  That such ignorance occurs in a politician who should damned well know better is, put at its mildest, disturbing.

The dead end of capitalist democracy: pols who haven't an altruist bone in their body getting into politics only for the money.  Did you see how fast Tim Pawlenty (of nothin') ran off to K Street when working as a surrogate for Romney became a liability on his curriculum vitae?  He knows that when you are turned out by voters in one state and lose a dumb bid for a presidential nomination, the only place to pick up the short change is on K Street.  Perry may end up there yet.

Another  example of a disreputable, despicable, lying, politician pandering to the lowest common denominator, and picking the rubes pockets all at the same time.

I would recommend George Catlin's description of the native American Mandan rain dance for anyone interested in the efficacy of prayer in bringing rain. Once they started the rain dance, they simply did not quit until it rained. Continuously dancing, continuously praying, or continuously going about your life; results are all the same. But stand in front of a pulpit, say the invisible man with the magic robes and super powers did it, and did it because of your leadership in getting the people to offer obeisance to him, and watch the tax free dollars roll in.

The great and powerful Oz.

Perry is very ignorant - need I say more.

Perry is not alone in his ignorance.  we have Rick (the saint) Santorum,  Michele (pray the gay away) Bachmann, Todd (legitimate rape) Akin and many more, that if given the opportunity would remove the first amendment from our Constitution and replace science with their christian religion in our schools.  These people are put into office by a constituency even more ignorant. 


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