Rick (scumbag from beyond) Perry "send *us taxes; in the form of troops to Mexico?" wtf crack he schmokin'!?


Jeeperz kreeperz good luck with crucified and baby jesus fetus on both sides o da border; hello. tis 2011 ya know. not 1102. learn something digital

java. c+. unix. PERL. something machine.. this whole faith thing is getting too silly

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Someone told me that, when you hear Perry speak, it's like hearing the reincarnation of GW Bush.  Except Bush isn't dead yet.
I admire President Bush and I don't admire Rick Perry. I find that liberals to be just as brainwashed and close-minded as conservatives; simply on the opposite end of the spectrum.
they're not kidding. usually folks that do biz together start to talk like one another
i've heard it myself

The sad reality is that these drug cartels have already caused havoc, murders, and destruction on our side of the border. The first step we need to take is to decriminalize drugs to and stop enabling these thugs and hooligans in profiteering from the drug trade.

Well, decriminalization won't do that.  Legalization will though.  It will remove the the profits from the gangsters, and put it back into the hands of the American people.  


Yes I agree with Travis. We need to legalize it.
Yes, that's what I was inferring but decriminalizing it would be a great first step; and having it regulated by the government in ways similar to the way marijuana is handled in California.
16 states got it going on...
I even hear of pharm (synthetics) shortages due to the (i'm guessing) hoarding by sellers and addicts? What happened to beer, pot, yoga and jump roping!? LOL
Freekn' right wings of pain! in our asses!

take care folks!



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