Rick Warren's kid commits suicide.. hey i'm just fwding this.. i have no opinion to be honest; at this juncture...

Church: Pastor Rick Warren's Son Commits...

ABC News  - ‎23 minutes ago‎
Share. 0. The Southern California church headed by popular evangelical Pastor Rick Warren announced Saturday that Warren's 27-year-old son has committed suicide.

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This is really sad!  I had a deep disagreement with Warren's politics and religious views, and with the fact that he was among those involved in the Uganda evangelical movement as the Kill the Gays ideology started formulating its policy and agenda.  He later distanced himself from the Kill the Gays movement.  I still feel sorry for Warren.

Apparently the young man suffered from clinical depression all his life, and none of the medical or psychiatric treatments the family tried helped for very long.

I've been there, done that myself (depression can be hereditary... on both sides of my family), I have often thought seriously about "leaving the building," but at least I never had to suffer through being prayed over. 

Paxil works for me...when I can afford it.

Sk8eycat, I'm so glad you didn't check out early.  Perhaps a part of me is being selfish, but I really enjoy your company on this site.  I'm glad you're here and that you have a medication that works for you. 

Thank you.  I love a lot of people I've met here, and on other web sites, in the past 12 years.

I still sometimes think about leaving, I feel so useless.  But at the same time I can't forget how angry (and hurt) I was last summer when Judith Hayes "ate" a shotgun.  Besides the fact that she was a personal friend, she was a source of comfort to a lot of newbies who were just beginning to realize that faith in an outrageous myth was no longer possible for them.

I can't imagine what it was like growing up with a money-hungry, celebrity suck-up, self-righteous SOB like Rick Warren for a father.  My own dad went through 10 years of quiet alcoholism, and that was bad enough.

Sadly, suicide preys upon those of all races, both genders, and all creeds.

Personally, I can't stand the bloated, arrogant, self-serving, homophobic bigot. Having said that, I wouldn't wish the suicide of a loved one on my worst enemy. Maybe he'll learn something from this tragedy. One can only hope.

This is sad in many ways!!  Isn't suicide considered the only unforgivable sin in christian mythology?  Mr. Warren has already said that his son told him that he knew that he was going to heaven.  Rick Warren is saying that he had a dream or a vision that his sons' suicide would come to pass!!  I interpret this behavior like Oral Roberts begging for money on his mothers' grave!

    I personally have to deal with depression and bi-polar disorder.  I haven't had suicidal thoughts.  The disease manifests itself in different ways, varying from person to person!  I will start a task and not finish!  Before you know it, I have 5 or 6 tasks that aren't completed!!  I walk around the house all day long.  You can't get me to stop talking even when no one is around.  Religion and politics drive me ape shit!  I have been working on this response for 5 hrs etc, etc, etc...  Your med. have a lot to do with suicidal tendencies.  I have a liver disease and because of this, I am limited to what meds. I can take. 

     I feel sorry for Matthew in so many different ways.  The one thing his father can do, in his sons memory, is change his ridiculous ideas about a mythical heaven and hell.  Then again, Rick might think that his god is testing his love and devotion.


"The one thing his father can do, in his sons memory, is change his ridiculous ideas about a mythical heaven and hell.  Then again, Rick might think that his god is testing his love and devotion."

A very true statement.  Life-shattering events such as a suicide can often lead one to question their faith.  However, it's my opinion that Rick Warren has too much invested to contemplate making a complete 180-degree change in his life and give up on his god delusion.  He leads a multimillion dollar mega-church enterprise and is a best-selling author.  He also has thousands, if not tens-of-thousands, of people publicly supporting him and being his "pillar" of religious encouragement through a difficult time.  I'm saddened and do empathize with him that he has to endure the pain and loss of his son, but at the same time I personally view him as a slimy snake-oil salesman.  That aspect of his life I have no sympathy for.  Whether he questions his faith or not, he will keep his business running full-speed ahead.  

By the way, religion and politics drive me ape shit as well. 

Warren's best seller claims that his imaginary friend has placed each individual on this planet for a specific purpose. If he truly believes that, then his son's "purpose" must have been to commit suicide.  Just as the "purpose" of the 15,000 children who starve to death EVERY EFFING DAY before they reach their 5th birthday is just that...to die.  Sick. Sick.  Sick.

The amount of time "Jesus" is supposed to have spent on the cross (IF such an event ever happened at all) is trivial when compared to that kind of constant suffering.

(Yeah, I know, suffering is not supposed to be comparative, but let's get real.  If one believes in the doctrine of the Trinity, Jesus was God, and knew what was going to happen, caused it to happen, and knew that he wasn't really going to stay dead, anyway. BFD)

I think that religion isn't "snake oil," it's more like what comes out of the other end of the snake after a good meal.  Or the fluid that comes out of an asp's fangs.


Joseph, I have a particular problem when people respond to a disaster/tragedy by saying that their imaginary friend is "testing their faith."  Their god is supposed to know everything about everybody from the beginning of time, so why would she/he/it (say that 3 times real fast) need to "test" anything or anybody?

One of the things that started me on my path away from religion was belonging to Job's Daughters when I was a teenager.  Whenever a new member was initiated into a Bethel, they (and everyone else in attendance) had to listen to a lengthy recitation of the story of Job. The god of that story began to remind me of a nasty little boy in our neighborhood who liked to take potshots at birds, squirrels, and other people's pets with his BB gun. I was glad when they moved "to a better neighborhood."

sk8eycat, so do I!  Most people gravitate away from religion but I thought that nobody took this stuff seriously!  From the first time that I asked my mother, when I was 5, if people really live 300 or 400yrs.  Her answer was yes.  When I asked her how she knew this, her reply was that it is in the bible (strike 1)!  The world is only 6 to 12,000 yrs. old. Again, proof in the bible (strike 2)!  Are the stories in the bible true, answer, no, they are just good examples to live by (WTF) Strike 3!!!and god is out the door, but how can he leave when there is no proof that he EVER existed in the first place!!


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