Rick Warren's kid commits suicide.. hey i'm just fwding this.. i have no opinion to be honest; at this juncture...

Church: Pastor Rick Warren's Son Commits...

ABC News  - ‎23 minutes ago‎
Share. 0. The Southern California church headed by popular evangelical Pastor Rick Warren announced Saturday that Warren's 27-year-old son has committed suicide.

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Check that BBQ joint's ratings in YELP. About 80 people from all over the country have written scathing reviews because of how they treated the Camp Quest people. 

http://www.yelp.com/biz/oklahoma-joes-bbq-broken-arrow   (Scroll down)

And...according to some reviewers who have actually eaten there, the food isn't all that great.

It's a pity that Camp Quest can't hire a fundraising outfit from here in the Los Angeles area.  Legendary Bingo has been highly successful for 15 years, and the comedy drag show that is part of the deal is HILARIOUS! (But not for kids.)


ha! chick filay.. cancer yay!

One of the sneakest and most despicable "reasons" the Catholic Church and other fascistic religions have against suicide is to stop people from escaping their abillity to punish and inflict pain. In one of last years American atheist magazine pieces, Bolton described how religion is totally obsessed and preoccupied with punishing people. Its punish, punish and punish some more.  Punishment seems to be major motivation for religion's existence. They are always punishing people. Looked upon from this persective, suicide is our escape from their punishments and they don't like that at all! They want to do their damnest to block all suicides and make sure we feel their tortures. But they never admit that this is their real reason. It has nothing to do with the "sanctity of life" and has everything to do with preserving their "right" to punish and inflict pain to force people to serve them and protect and defend them. It's all part of their having power over us.

An interesting parallel - Nietzsche's philosophical project was aimed at overcoming the tendency in Western thought formulated by Plato to suppose a higher world in comparison to which the physical world of nature has no intrinsic value. Sound familiar? Christianity is essentially warmed over Platonism with all the subtlety and interest stripped away. Nietzsche named this disastrous tendency the spirit of revenge.

eric, thank you.

With two suicides in a Catholic branch of my extended family, I have long seen it as an escape from unbearable pain. Your post makes clear Catholicism's entirely self-interested policy on the subject.

Sorry about your losses but that religion is a truly immoral institution.

Humans invented religion but did not invent natural selection.

Each requires "raw material" and each turns out products. A few of their products survive; many do not. Many of the survivors become predators, and therein lies every tale that can be told.


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