Rick Warren's Son Dies: Matthew Had Mental Illness(es), Probably Including Guilt for "Sins"

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After reading the title to this thread, I was curious what the statistics say about religiosity and suicide. After a bit of reading, it is pretty clear that there isn't any glaring trend towards increased suicide rates among the religious, and in fact if there is a marginal difference it is often us atheists who are most likely to do the deed.

So in the absence of either a suicide note, or a clear statistical trend amongst contemporary protestant populations that supports your assertion that Rick Warren's son's suicide was a result of religious guilt, please stop being a dick.

Some things are just tragic, and that's it. Look for opportunities to take a jab at theism elsewhere. Have some empathy.

As a defense attorney I once represented a young man who was delusional, thinking that Stevie Wonder had stolen his song book and various other schizophrenic ideations.  He was quite the sketch artist too, and I learned from looking through his pen and inks that he had a strange admixture in him, an alchemical atomic bomb, which combines popular music with Christianity.  Satan was telling him things and he would thrust pencils into his ears trying to stop the voices.  There was no trial of the competency issue, as the shrink who examined my guy and in his report testified my guy was bonkers to an exponential extent.  When he came back on his meds (all, or almost all, psychoses are chemical imbalances) the poor fellow, still complaining of Stevie and mixing religion with popular music, committed suicide by climbing the Harbor Bridge and jumping into the ship channel below.

That's an odd anecdote. How is it relevant?

Rick Warren's son killed himself.  Some suicides have religious reasons for offing themselves.

Yeah ... like not measuring up to where you think you're supposed to be spiritually or by comparison with a role model ... like your father.  I wonder how many people kill themselves one way or the other because of these kinds of pissing contests.

Of course some people commit suicide due to a religious upbringing, that doesn't mean that Rick Warren's kid did.

I never said it was impossible that his religious environment had anything to do with it, rather just that in the absence of any specific evidence to support your claim, gleefully hypothesizing about his reasons in order to score some points in the atheism/theism debate is bad form, to say the least.

So again, stop being a dick. If you want to start a discussion about higher suicide rates among children growing up in a religious household, then by all means find the statistics and start the topic. But I think it should be below us to hop on every personal tragedy that occurs to a prominent religious figure and use it to bolster our position.

I prefer to go on being a dick, thank you.

His carbonaceous essence shall go up in smoke or become food for the creatures that prepare the earth for planting of that which sustains us; or, as local folk sometimes say: "The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out/The worms play pinochle on my snout."  He had no consciousness prior to becoming a Warren (proof there that God is a bozo), and "he" has no consciousness now.  Considering God made people like Dick Cheney, too, young Warren might be better off where "he's" not.

No matter how bad it gets and it can get really bad,  You cannot do that to your family.  I knew a beautiful girl with a young family who left a note that only said,  "I am tired of fighting it."

I disagree, respectfully.  It is sometimes the family that fails the suicidal and therefore deserves the hurt that comes of losing a "loved one" in that manner.  I certainly can understand the suicides of those who are bullied, called names worse than "n----r," and made to feel like God despises them, although He created them, too.  It never surprises me when a young gay male takes his own life.  It only saddens me, profoundly.

What rings in my ears in the wake of this incident is that old and ridiculous saw:

God never gives anyone more than they can handle.

Oh, of COURSE not!  Merde, what a load of utterly specious, irresponsible twaddle.

Tell that to the babies with extended bellies in African nations the scourge of tribal warlords, drought, famine, and a world that sees no "strategic" importance in coming to their aid.




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