Rick Warren's congregation coughs up $2.4 million in just 48 hours

Anyone been following the news about Pastor Rick Warren lately? On Dec. 30th, he asked his Saddleback mega-church congregation to cough up $900,000 in donations before Jan 1, to make up an end of the year shortfall. Well, Saddleback Church has announced that the flock has come through! And instead of the $900,000 Rick Warren asked for, they delivered $2.4 million before the 48 hour deadline was up.

So what can you say about people like that? You can laugh or you can cry... or you can do what I did and make up a nursery rhyme about it:

Baa, baa, slack-jawed sheep
My coffers can you fill?
Yes sir, yes sir,
$2.4 M. in the till.
Some for the pastor,
Some to praise his name,
And some for the anti-gay
political campaign...

Feel free to pass this on. Maybe it will go viral.

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It makes me sick--not only that so many people are so gullible, but that he can so easily get millions to continue his vile work.

BTW, love the poem. I'm definitely passing it on!
It's even worse than we thought. The $2.4 million is only the cash that was received at the church. Money that was mailed into Saddleback is still arriving.
Astoundingly disgusting...
Certainly not Broke Saddleback Mountain (Fuckin' Nazi's!)
This is disturbing how so many people believe in all this BS and are willing to pay for what ? Also the church already enjoys is tax free status. George Carlin so profoundly put it: "They always want money more money still more money.":




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