Rick Wiles Renounces U.S. Citizenship: Expect U.S. Citizen's Average Intelligence To Rise Sharply!

U.S. End Of Times Nutjob: Rick Wiles stated that he is renouncing his citizenship, because of equality of marriage law.

Wile's reasons are too stupid to even mention here, but, as you can guess, it has to do with his brain dead, stupidly naive sense of Christian morality.

Here is the story from Daily Kos

Listen to the audio tracks and you will hear how seriously dumb, a single human can become.

I know the United States will not miss Rick Wiles, and we don't want him in Australia, so maybe we should get the marriage equality bill passed here, so he won't darken our shores and lower our average intelligence level.

If Wiles's idiotic following also renounce their U.S. Citizenship, well, there would likely be a significant rise in average intelligence levels for those regions of the United States, and again, we don't want them here, they would be better off in North Korea, where they can live in a totalitarian regime, just like the Heaven they all hope for. 

LOL!   :-D

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I've got a little list.
They never will be missed!

From The Mikado, by G and S.

I saw a production in which the players ad-libbed feminists to the list.

Quite a difference between someone working to create a Bronze Age theocracy and someone working to help create a world where women are fully recognized as people!

A happy and unexpected bonus from marriage equality.

That will teach him how funny it is to be stateless...

I think he is lying. He just wants to get people stirred up over a ruling that isn't going to affect church people like him. In fact, the church did not fully take over marriage until 1563. How dare they say it is "santioned by god" and go on putting that crap on us. Marriage used to be a more like "I pick you" type of thing. Only the religious made it religious prior to 1563. People that couldn't write had no licenses or writings on paper.

Just another example of intolerable behavior that some would say we tolerate. No! Rick Wiles does not earn my respect or my tolerance. 

If Wiles and his followers actually follow through and renounce their US citizenship (which must be done outside the United States), the $2350 per person renunciation fee -- plus massive exit taxes for the wealthy -- is money that won't be going to religious grifters or political campaigns!

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