Ricky Gervais does Jesus-like pose for New Humanist magazine

A few months ago when Rolling Stone magazine asked Ricky Gervais for some pictures for the cover of their April issue, the British comic obligingly sent them two; one as a sad clown putting a gun in his mouth and another of himself in a Jesus-on-the-cross-like pose with the word "atheist" scrawled across his chest (just in case, as Gervais later wrote, the magazine decided the first "was a little strong for their demographic"). Unsurprisingly, Rolling Stone decided both were a little strong for their demographic and went with a sexy photo of singer Rihanna instead.
But that's not the end of the story...

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I really wish The Rolling Stone had the jesus pose as the cover...just think of all the controversy that would surround it.
True, but I really don't mind looking at Rihanna instead.

Wow, Ricky G has lost some weight since his standup show about the Bible I saw on You Tube ...which I loved (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErGLS04lIAw ).  I saw him interviewed on Ellen awhile ago and he said something about 'working out'...but he had a shirt on at the time....lookin' good. 


Ricky G. is a really good comic and Atheist.
I find that to be a very pretty image of Ricky Gervais, in a manly pretty sort of way.
I have a harmless crush on him .... I've heard him interviewed several times and he's just so damn funny and charming and honest and intelligent.  Very attractive qualities.  He 'pushes the envelope' sometimes but that's what 'shock comedy' does.  He cracked me up when he hosted the Golden Globes...awkward silence anyone, anyone?   He was an 'unconventional' choice, to put it mildly.




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