Hello everyone.

I'm a musician and an actress. I'm quite unknown for now, but plan to be "out there" in the near future, and to be honest I have some concerns.

I am so blunt about my beliefs. And I am very witty, too. I do not support religion and I wish church was abolished. I'm a reader of Nietzsche and love his mind.

But, anyway...

My question is, I dont know whether I should speak about beliefs or not in the future.

Most people ARE believers, and some may be too brain-washed to accept me for who I am.

John Lennon was killed by a christian freak... 

What do you think is wise in my situation? Should I speak up, or shut up..

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I see I am already the third person to mention Tim Minchin. He's kind of a cult hero I guess, if by cult one means "group of people with reasonable beliefs about the world".




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