this article is written in the perspective of Pakistani scene..


In a day's time we are about to witness identical scenes all over the country. Tens of thousands of animals, for no fault of theirs, would be butchered in broad daylight, for no good reason. Prior to this our fellow beings would be paraded on streets and markets. Some prospective customers would like to have a view of the lamb's front teeth to ascertain its suitability for the kill. The seller would stretch its upper and lower jaws so that the buyer can have a good view. I don't know the proportion of faith and that of social pressure on performing this ritual, but the animal is doomed.
On the fateful day professional and nonprofessional butchers carrying knives and razor sharp cutters would visit places where the innocent creature would await its unavoidable fate. The butchers, with assistance from the accomplices would get hold of the animal that is not very capable of posing any effective resistance. And then pull it down with full force, placing knees below its trunk and then slitting its throat with an extremely sharp metal blade.
As the jugular vein is severed blood gushes out in showers and the animal begins to jitter with spasms. However the dying animal is not even allowed to spurt as many hands hold it till the last breath.
Blood oozing out from houses, and on the roads, creates small pools of blood. This is accompanied by offal, entrails and carcasses of various animals, causing sewerage problems and massive environmental pollution. Numerous health related problems follow. Simultaneously you also observe stalls collecting animal skins, from Jamaat-e-Islami to Jamat-ud -dawa to obscure welfare societies.
The meat is then distributed in shoppers within the mohalla. The raans are reserved either for some important relations or preserved in freezers along with the bulk of meat to be consumed in the following days . The housewives then cook liver and chops for the family and the meat is then consumed by the family as if there will be meatless days in all times to come. Excessive consumption of meat may cause health problems later on, as temptation to consume protein during these days is fairly high.
In a matter of days, billions of rupees in the form of meat enter our digestive system and excrete as filth. Underutilized meat is also buried under sand in the Islamic Kingdom of Saudia Arabia as there is no consumption whatsoever.
In the evenings the so called religious scholars appear on TV and apprise us of the inner feelings of the sacrificed animal as to how elated and proud it felt while going through the process. How many levels of accomplishment the one who sacrificed the animal has achieved in the eyes of God. What words would be exchanged between the lamb and the master when they both will meet in paradise.
As per one estimate around 25 billion rupees would be spent this year alone in Pakistan, on this primitive ritual. However if we take half of the estimated amount, it comes to 1250 crore rupees.
Can we not spend this huge sum of money in a more rational and productive way. Millions have lost so much during the recent floods. Can’t this money be spent on their rehabilitation? Can we not help the poor and needy who cannot afford to send their children to school or cannot pay for an expensive surgery? There is a sizable number of prisoners in jails who have completed their prison terms ,yet are still behind the bars, as they do not have the money to pay for the fine imposed.
Perhaps in a country rapidly drifting towards fanaticism, this is not foreseeable in the near future. We would prefer to stick to the primordial ritual where inanimate objects and then animals and later humans were sacrificed at the alter of dogma.
Rational thinking is fast disappearing from the society. Dogmas, rituals and obscurantist thought patterns are rapidly gaining ground.
While millions of children in the holy land are without proper food, shelter and clothing, billions of rupees would be spent sacrificing animals by the purest of the pure.

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